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The Brexit Nightmare Continues with the Political Declaration of 22nd November 2018

“Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this – no dog exchanges bones with another.”Adam Smith

There is something amazing and curious about this whole situation, no matter what sort of bargain the Tories are doing in Brussels. The deals becomes more shady and more dire. The deals are so special and uniquely bad. That this is the second coming of illuminati steering the wheel, because who are they thinking they are fooling. The whole process has been flawed and the spin-control out of proportion. Still, the paperwork of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and now the Political Declaration are telling, what so many new questions, but the final steering point is now the movement of people, but like always there are also some other issues.


“The future relationship will be based on a balance of rights and obligations, taking into account the principles of each Party. This balance must ensure the autonomy of the Union’s decision making and be consistent with the Union’s principles, in particular with respect to the integrity of the Single Market and the Customs Union and the indivisibility of the four freedoms. It must also ensure the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and the protection of its internal market, while respecting the result of the 2016 referendum including with regard to the development of its independent trade policy and the ending of free movement of people between the Union and the United Kingdom” (Political Declaration, 22.11.2018).

Backstop in Northern Ireland:

“The Parties recall their determination to replace the backstop solution on Northern Ireland by a subsequent agreement that establishes alternative arrangements for ensuring the absence of a hard border on the island of Ireland on a permanent footing” (Political Declaration, 22.11.2018)

Financial Services:

Noting that both Parties will have equivalence frameworks in place that allow them to declare a third country’s regulatory and supervisory regimes equivalent for relevant purposes, the Parties should start assessing equivalence with respect to each other under these frameworks as soon as possible after the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the Union, endeavouring to conclude these assessments before the end of June 2020. The Parties will keep their respective equivalence frameworks under review” (Political Declaration, 22.11.2018).


“Noting that the United Kingdom has decided that the principle of free movement of persons between the Union and the United Kingdom will no longer apply, the Parties should establish mobility arrangements, as set out below” (Political Declaration, 22.11.2018).

Therefore, we can now see the signs of closed borders for people and movement from the EU to the UK. That is the meagre resolution here, as the Free Movement will be gone. What is also striking, is still the evident of Northern Ireland and Irish question. That is mentioned in passages all over the Declaration. However, the Welsh and Scottish are not mentioned. Neither is the Gibraltar, which certainly will get the Spanish fuming in Brussels. As they have been vocal about the wording in the Withdrawal Agreement earlier this month.

Now, there are not all questions fixed, and the lack of progress is evident. What is rare to is that Goods, Financial Services might go on like today, but the Free Movement is taken away. So the economic interests comes before the people. Which isn’t striking in the world of the Tories, but in general it is evident of what values that matters.

We have to see if this sort of arrangement get through and even if the Parliament are accepting the Withdrawal Agreement as it is or this Political Declaration too. Which shows the dire consequences of the bargain done now. City of London might not for instance will be hit before the 2020. However, the free movement of people will be. Meaning a possible brain-drain for the United Kingdom might appear more obvious. Since the public and educated might have to get work and visas abroad. Peace.

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