Cameroon: Tripled Increase of battles in the NW and SW Regions from August to October 2018!

As there has been reports of bloody action in the Anglophone region, there has been little or lack of study showing to what extent. Now the The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) have reported and collected the data. This shows to what sort of extent the army and armed forces has acted there. Not that these reports has statistics on fatalities, but the rising amounts of battles and surge of violence. Shows, what most of us is fearing.

The oppressive and acts of state violence against the Anglophone is rising and sharply, to levels we cannot even understand. As people are killed, villages are burned and the President is living lavish in a Swiss hotel. President Paul Biya is just sworn-in and this numbers are dropped, just a friendly reminder of his oppression and his ruthless behavior towards the Anglophone.


In the weeks before the elections, there was a significant increase in the number of battles between armed groups and the Cameroonian government in the North-West and South-West regions. The number of battles in these provinces increased by more than 300% from August 2018 to 45 events in October 2018” (…) “Though there was an increase in the number of violent activities in both the North-West and South-West regions in the run up to the October elections, two-thirds of the battles in October 2018 were in the North-West region” (…) “As the number of battles between armed anglophone separatists and the Cameroonian government increased, so did the number of instances in which civilians were targeted” (…) “The surge in government targeting of civilians in North-West and South-West provinces may have been a way of trying to suppress opposition in the run-up to the elections. It may also be a function of the security sector’s lack of integration into the local population. The diffuse and fragmented nature of the anglophone separatist movement may make it more difficult for the Cameroonian security sector to differentiate between militants and civilians” (ACLED – ‘ CONTINUED CLASHES BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND ANGLOPHONE SEPARATISTS IN CAMEROON PUT CIVILIANS AT RISK’ 08.11.2018).

These statistics and numbers gives a feeling of what is happening on the ground. There are lots of details missing, as well as the whole picture, which is nearly impossible to get. Because of the blackout of reporting and also coverage from the provinces in question. While government, the curfews and the other measures are securing, that very small snippets of truth is revealed. Therefore, the total knowledge of the armed oppression, the killings and the state activity in these regions are blurry.

That is why the report of ACLED are missing vital numbers to show how many fatalities and how many who has become hurt by these battles. Even if 300 % rise within months are bad enough. We do not know how many civilians who has died, how many soldiers or even militants. As the ill activity is continuing and none is battering an eye, unless an American Missionary is killed or School Children are taken hostage. However, the killings and the state oppression is massive, but we don’t know to what extent.

Each life taken is one to many. Each life has equal value. We shall remember this, Biya and his henchmen has blood on their hands. The unknown killings shall be revealed. When? Who knows, but we cannot let it be in the dustbin. As these people deserves to taint the Republic and the regime that is ruling it. Peace.

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