A Smoking Gun: The Mzee conundrum with the SFC!

The Commander in Chief of the armed forces Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said will personally take action against members of the Special Forces command (SFC) implicated in human rights abuses” (NBS Television, 04.11.2018).

I have a hard time believing that President Museveni will react or do anything to the Special Force Command. This being commanded by Brig. Don Masaba and formerly by his son, Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who is currently a Presidential Advisor, but has had the command of the SFC until recently.

The SFC or the Presidential Guard, which is based of in Entebbe. Are clearly maneuvering on accord with the President. So, if he orders something, they will comply and there are embedded with the Executive. Therefore, reading his comments on NBS TV says it all.

Especially considering that the same man praised the SFC for their conduct in Arua after the By-Election, where they shot live-bullets into crowds and killed the driver of Bobi wine. Therefore, him saying he will take actions if they breach “human rights”. Isn’t that believable at this point. Only if your naive and does not know what this man does.

So, not to prolong this one. President Museveni are supposed to act towards his own guards, the ones he orders around and tells what to do. That means, he orders the shooting and beating of either MPs, invade the Parliament or brutally disperse people. Which is all on his orders. Later, he says he will take action against them. But that means he take actions, against the actions he put into play. That means, the man ordering them is also ordering their demise for following his words and commands. If you feels that foolish, say “aye”. Because it is, but that is how this President acts.

We all should look through it for the nonsense it is. Because it really is.

The President should do himself a favor. Not ordering the SFC to these mission, which are breaking the Human Rights. From there, everything else will be easy and he doesn’t have to take any after all. Peace.

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