The Police continue to chase after Besigye and it doesn’t seem to stop!

I don’t know how many cases pending on the former Presidential Candidate and former President of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Neither the amount of time spent in jail, arrested, detained or even charged with various of crimes. If it wasn’t for him being a mere politician. I would be thinking this man was the biggest criminal gracing planet earth. Because this man has been taken into custody, preventative arrested, house-arrested, ambushed and taken from whenever at whatever time. This man has gotten the full brutal meeting with the police. He has had his doze of tear-gas, shattered car-glass, broken bones and air-lifted between Prisons. Sadly, enough all of this is to easily to remember. Just the amount that is impossible. Because the state has been relentless and ruthless against this man.

Dr. Kizza Besigye has gone through for the cause. Today, or Yesterday, one of his car was finally allowed to leave the Compound of Kasangati Police Station. A place where he spent plenty of hours, also in Mukono Police Station and Old Jinja Road Police Station. This man has been put in plenty of jails and cells, over the years. That because of his fight against the dictatorship and the NRM. Which has viciously gone against him.

Now, it is evident that one of his cars are returned after being four years on the compound of the Police Station. In the same town and not far from his farm. It was not like it was left in Lira to rot or in Kabale. No, it was stationed in Kasangati, Wakiso District for four years on a pending case. That got dropped. Just like plenty of other forged and malicious cases pinned on the man.

They have charged him are only missing charging the political operative with jaywalking, trespassing and kissing the wrong bride. Since they have really charged him with everything at every single time. They have taken away his aides, they have brutally assaulted his drivers and they have arrested the activists around him. At some point made the political party “illegal” and also stopped all internal works of the party. Which they are doing to this day, to the new Party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi, who cannot function or meet leaders of others districts without being blocked by the Police.

The same police and DPP who is now giving back former evidence and impounded car after 4 years. After they have nearly destroyed another car and even installed monitoring equipment on to surveillance the man in 2016. They are really showing their true character. They just kept it for so long, just to insult the man and show their power. Not because of rule of law. No, this was a display of confidence and that they can take away things.

That they have done to him all the time. He has even struggled to go to the bank to deposit and check his balance. There isn’t anything the state hasn’t done, which haven’t been petty and vindictive concerning this man.

They have never left the man alone, as example of the costs it is to challenge the tyranny of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. If you don’t follow you end up in Nalufenya or SIU Kireka or anywhere else he can detain you. With the only reason, being your standing up him and his rule.

The Prime example is Besigye. That is the truth. Peace.

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