Biya’s Pyrrhic Victory: The unverified result of 14th October of the Presidential Elections on the 7th October 2018 – Was announced today!

That President Paul Biya was winning this election was written in stone. The President winning his seventh term was to be anticipated. There was nothing else on the horizon. The reality of the matter was if the numbers or the ballots would make any sense. Biya clearly are taking people for fools. As the leaked numbers from the Electoral Commission (ELECAM). This was all to be anticipated and the lack of joy. Is the reason thereof.

That President Biya has been to the President is evident. That there is little celebration, is that the state party and organizations knew it would be like this. They have house-arrested opposition leaders in the days ahead of the announcing of the results. They have arrested journalists and had the military on the streets as they anticipated demonstrations against the rigged election. That is why there is little reason to celebrate or enjoy about the moment.

The President for 36 years has given himself the power for another 7 years. As the formalities for this is soon over. As much as the Constitutional Court only listened to the pleas of a re-run, only to follow legal provision, but not because of their evidence of rigging really mattered. The pre-fixed results was written in stones. Just like the 10 Commandments was written to Moses back-in-the-day.

What is special about today, is that the exact same results as the sheets leaked on 14th October 2018. The result of Biya was then 71,28% unverified presidential results and today the results was on the announced results as well on the 22nd October 2018. This being two weeks after and as scheduled.

What we do know is that there has been enough issues with this election. Fake observers, lack of voting in the anglophone regions and the other issues that is all mounting up to a forged exercise. Which has been made in a fashion, that is deliberated by the government and the President. To think otherwise is to be naive. The whole process was just to ensure the President another term. This wasn’t for any democratic values or for any significant will of the people.

Biya will have ruled for 43 years when the newest term is over. Cameroon is his fiefdom. That is evident now, if you didn’t believe it. You should know it by now.

President Biya is for life. That is proven yet again. The grandest leader of them all. The giant Ghost of Cameroon, the one who doesn’t need his ministers, but can proclaim everything by Presidential Decree when needed. This will continue, because he has the army and has the ability to control everything. Peace.

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