South Sudan: OHCHR Reports of rising violence in Western Equatoria, in the timelines of the Peace Agreements!

There are still signs of trouble within the Republic of South Sudan. Even if the parties has signed the Khartoum Agreement and the Revitalized Agreement for a Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS). Where the parties of the civil war has signed the deals and ratified the agreements within the parties as well. You can wonder if they will follow the cease-fire and the stop the race for being supreme. As the wounds are still there and the war-lords are still out and about.

There also hope that these parties might reach a final verdict and peace. But if they are willingly doing so. As they have violated the cease-fire and used their weapons on civilians. The JMEC has already questioned how much the parties has done to fulfil the R-ARCSS on the 12 October, that said the parties has only done 35 % of the agreement. Therefore, the stakeholders has actions to do. This is the reality, as well as the 28th June 2018 Khartoum Declaration. With knowing this.

The timeline of this of OHCHR, where this is actions happening after the Khartoum Declaration and before the R-ARCSS. This is clear violations of these agreements. That is why this isn’t only crimes against humanity, but in violations of recent agreements done by both parties. That should be thought of, as the matter remains and the war-lords are still roaming. That is why these sort of violations are showing signs, where the parties might not being fully committed to the agreed upon peace agreement.

Take a look!

Between April and August 2018, civilians have borne the brunt of repeated attacks by SPLA IO (RM) and SPLA forces, caught between their predatory tactics. At least 28 villages, one IDP settlement and one refugee camp, in the states of Gbudue and Tambura (Western Equatoria) were attacked. A decrease in attacks was recorded from August onwards” (OHCHR, 18.10.2018)

Through its investigation, UNMISS HRD found that at least 887 civilians were abducted. Most of the victims were women (505) and girls (63). Considering the high prevalence of rape in cases of abduction by SPLA-IO (RM) forces, UNMISS HRD and OHCHR are concerned that these women and girls have been raped and/or sexually enslaved, consistent with trends of sexual violence documented in South Sudan since 2014. They are also concerned that abducted men and boys have been forcibly recruited to “build up an army”, as claimed by an SPLA-IO (RM) commander. In addition, UNMISS HRD documented extensive looting of civilian property and forced displacement. Humanitarian organizations, particularly their convoys, have been targeted in armed ambushes and their personnel abducted for several days before being released, unlike most local civilians who are still held captive” (OHCHR, 18.10.2018).

SPLA forces carried out a few counter-offensives against SPLA-IO (RM), while becoming more aggressive towards civilians at security checkpoints or during reconnaissance patrols. In particular, during the Nagero offensive in May 2018, SPLA elements did not comply with the principles of distinction between military objectives and civilian objects, as well as between civilians and combatants. This led to serious international human rights and humanitarian law violations, resulting in unlawful killing of civilians, looting and destruction of civilian property” (OHCHR, 18.10.2018).

That this are reports made from one part of South Sudan. Not the whole republic, but shows to what extent the two major armies and parties are doing. This is what the SPLM/A-IO and TgoNU are up too. This is the works of Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir Mayardit. That they are in-charge and done this to civilians, they have violated their rights and killed without mercy. These women and children were abducted and taken away, because of how the war-lords saw the possibility to use them for their cause. Not for their or anything, they are casualties of war and has lost everything because it. Used and scorned by warriors, defenceless and taken.

This because of two men wants to be supreme and show it with force. Even as they are pledging peace to the world. This report shows that the first months of cease-fire has still cost people life, burned down their villages and taken women and children away, because of their need to show strength towards their enemies. Peace.



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