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Cameroon: Yesterday, the dream of a coup d’état that never happen!

It seems like people where dreaming of military coup d’état Zimbabwe style of last year in Yaoundé and in Douala, yesterday. Seemingly, these dreams can be shattered. The rumours and speculations has been established as false flag.

That there been a forged and rigged election going on this last week is evident, as the result is yet to be announced. The continued prosecution of the Ambazonia leadership of the Anglophone region and the continued uncertainty of the whole situation.

The lack of transparency in connections with the misuse of power, is the reasons that the Republic is ready for a political change, as the opposition has even claimed to be the winner of this rigged election. This being Maurice Kamto for instance.

While the people have really dreamed of this coup, as people have been writing on social media hoping for it, but seemingly with every hour it isn’t true. As there is no indication, no statement, no communique and broadcast of the supposed coup d’état. There been no radio broadcast or anything else showing the enforced change power through a military coup.

There is apparently, dreams of it, but instead the nightmare of Paul Biya and his decrees lingers on. There is no other prospect or change on the horizon. The application to the Courts to annulled, but who at this moment. Thinks that the Courts will order against Biya?

Therefore, be rested and assured. There haven’t been a coup, that was just a mere dream for plenty who posted of it yesterday and wanted it to be true. I don’t blame them, as they want to see a tyrant, a dictator deposed and liberty of people from both the French and Anglophone Cameroon. As they are living on the mercy of the President.

Because of the lack of mercy, transparency and the lack of information, as the volatile situation persist, people will wish this to go this direction and also see the final day of Biya, as he is the ghost they want to get rid off. Peace.


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One thought on “Cameroon: Yesterday, the dream of a coup d’état that never happen!

  1. John Bokilo on said:

    France…France….the country ‘France’ has abetted genocide in Cameroon twice. Yes, twice. The first time was against the Bamileke people and it was termed the ‘Maquisard’ war in 1960s. The second time is France supporting and providing arms to the genocidal regime under Paul Biya to commit genocide and mass killings on the Anglophone Cameroon (i.e. Southern Cameroons).. When the mass uprising starts, the suffering people of Cameroon know they must exorcise the evil parasite, France. France is playing a losing game and it has lost all confidence from the common man. When they are driven out of Cameroon, they will surely lose their grip and position in the countries in central Africa.

    Regardless of what France does right now, it is too late. It is a losing game.

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