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Rumors: A possible military coup d’etat in Cameroon!

This is not yet verified. There are speculations going-on, but it is really in darkness. There are plenty of Nigerians who has written on Facebook about the Coup d’etat going on in Yaounde. However, this is not yet verified. There are no decree, no official statement and no broadcast saying so.

Therefore, there is hard to take this in, as the hectic elections, the insecurity in the anglophone regions and the ghost President, who was visiting his Republic again for the need of doing so. We don’t know if the military or any of the armed forces has done the Coup d’etat today.

There is only the likes of sources like Afrivelli: The military has seized power in Cameroon through a coup d’etat. Paul Biya, the incumbent President has been in power since 1982” (Afrivelli, 11.10.2018).

That is why there is little news or reports. There are nothing substantial yet. We don’t know if there is internet black-out and also closed the telephone lines. Because that is something this government does to public, when they want to do something vicious to their own population. Who knows if that is happening now.

So, as per now, we do not know. But this will followed, as the uncertainty of the recent elections, the lack of progress and the lack transparency is steady issue. As the President of 36 years Paul Biya have kept that all to himself. Peace.


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4 thoughts on “Rumors: A possible military coup d’etat in Cameroon!

  1. Atarisco on said:

    I wish this rumors turns out to be true God.

  2. If indeed there is a coup d’etat in Cameroon, it is justified. Enough is enough with this so called leaders old men of Africa keeping Africa in a mud.

  3. John Bokilo on said:

    France…France….the country ‘France’ has abetted genocide in Cameroon twice. Yes, twice. The first time was against the Bamileke people and it was termed the ‘Maquisard’ war in 1960s. The second time is France supporting and providing arms to the genocidal regime under Paul Biya to commit genocide and mass killings on the Anglophone Cameroon (i.e. Southern Cameroons).. When the mass uprising starts, the suffering people of Cameroon know they must exorcise the evil parasite, France. France is playing a losing game and it has lost all confidence from the common man. When they are driven out of Cameroon, they will surely lose their grip and position in the countries in central Africa.

    Regardless of what France does right now, it is too late. It is a losing game.

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