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Cameroon: The election process is hexed in a Republic already in turmoil!

Hexed: “Describes a state of confusion or loss of any sort of common sense” (Urban Dictionary, 19.12.2013).

There are something fishy, every time a Republic where the results takes forever since the polls, you know it is made to secure the incumbent and the party that is currently reigning. In this regard in Cameroon, this meaning the continues reign for President Paul Biya. Who are using all tricks in the book, even when some parts there wasn’t really even elections. In the Anglophone parts, there was more ghosts towns and silence. Not running to the ballots.

While that was happening, the authorities has been busy bodies, making sure there was fake Transparency International and Amnesty International Election Observers, which both organizations has said never existed. They was plain fiction made by the Presidents Men. So, that it would legit, when everyone knows the value of this election. To further on the 36 years long reign of one man, whose mission is to live lavish on the state reserves.

That is why it is scheduled to take 2 weeks to counts the ballots before the announced results. There are already one opponent that has claimed to be the victor, this being Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Presidential Candidate Maurice Kamto. Who has already asked for peaceful transition. However, there are nothing seemingly changing and the lack of movement are showing the state are moving as normal.

That the international community and African Union calls for restraint is revealing how little care it is for the elections and the state of affairs. As the Southern Cameroon has been burning and daily killings of civilians, either by mercenaries or soldiers on orders from Yaounde. This is clearly showing that the anglophone is dying in a zip-code that doesn’t matter. Neither does their leaders that is lingering in jail as terrorists, while their homes are burned to the ground or turned into ghost towns, as the governors are ordering curfews and other measures to totally control all movement within the territory. This is like the anglophone is under occupation. Since, they are acting as the colonial masters over the region. That is why Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the other 8 leaders of Ambazonia are scheduled for military court after being incommunicado for since 5th January 2018.

This is why even the anglophone leaders who are still out and about, was telling their citizens not vote, as this was voting for a foreign force. As the French Cameroon was having a hostile takeover of Ambazonia, which is proven every day in the region of the anglophone.

Therefore, the internal conflict combined with a shambolic election, a fraud of an election, which is only there to stamp the ballots and secure another term for the life presidency. That is why Biya had this election. This is why the President has hired foreign lobbyist, foreign agents to acts as observers and tried to do everything to look legitimate. When the reality is everything else.

Most likely, the sham… is obvious and the ghost president is playing with the Republic and awaiting for his new stay at a Swiss Hotel as the Swearing-In Ceremony is done. Than, the issues of foreign questioning his legitimacy is done and he can move along with his ordinary eating. Clearly, he just wants to move-on. But will the Republic accept that, that the Ghost gets to continue to rule?



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