Cameroon is voting for a Ghost-President!

The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.” James Freeman Clarke

There are very few who has ruled as long as Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon. There is very few who has spent as much time abroad and spent as much of the state reserves on luxurious hotels in Switzerland. There is very few who has gotten away with the crimes against humanity, as the ones happening the anglophone Cameroon, where there are ghost-towns, mercenaries and steady killings, if not arrests and civil curfew. As the borders are closed until the polling time and the people are making ready for another election of the same President, which has ruled since 1982.

It is time for change, but time to mourn, as the Republic is run by a ghost president, who orders the army and takes away the freedom of the Anglophone, as well, as his elites are eating and he aging cabinet is running the nation. All done by Presidential Decrees from afar. While he is lingering in luxury, while the country is rampant in poverty.

The French and American backers doesn’t care, as long as he supports soldiers and arms against Boko Haram and helps in the Lake Chad region. He can get away with anything in his homestead. For many or plenty of reasons, there is no Commonwealth critique and also lack of foreign observers to validate the elections, as surely the results will go in favor of the state biggest ghost.

Biya. Will win and no one else will conquer his or his allies. They are all just awaiting another rubber-stamp before he continue another term, which he has done steadily since 1982.

That is why he offers a free concert on the day before the polls. Because he has little else to offer. There are most likely social media blackout, even internet disconnected, like it has been long in the anglophone region. Therefore, expect the army out and all well planned rigging, even in the plain eyesight. As there is no changes of guards. There are no real plans for a peaceful succession. Just continue with business as usual and letting a ghost ruin the country from Geneva, Switzerland.

This one is already fixed, not like there are by any chance anyone who will conquer the absent, the ghost and the living relic of the past. Biya will win and continue his reign. There might be compass and leaders who could do his bidding, anyone who stayed in the Republic for 365 days a year. Might do more, someone who wouldn’t call in Council of Minister every three years. But someone who actually cared about the fate of his or her people. Would actually be able to lead and delegate the needs for development. However, Biya is a selfish, greedy and evil tyrant, who has no trouble ordering his army to torment and kill his own. Neither, take the state reserves to lavish in the mountains of Europe.

That should stop the allies of supporting him and his “agenda”, however, they still do and that what keeps him. They are feeding the monster and his ghosts are haunting the Republic. These ghosts are taking down the Anglophone and showing force to anyone questioning the Geneva bound old-man. Whose not plan to leave power or give to someone else. That is just pushing the ballots, make it seem like an election and move on. Just like he has done plenty of times already. While awaiting a ceremony to get the throne, yet again. Like they always do, serving the tyrant ghost. Peace.

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