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Bobi Wine is shaking Bosco to his core foundation!

The sudden rise of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is shaking the President and his allies. They we’re not prepared for his domain to be put in question by a new generation. That was only left for other Bush-War elites or even the ones who used to stand by him. Now, their voices aren’t big enough.

However, Bobi Wine isn’t from those clothes, he isn’t raised by these men and has only been ruled by them from his childhood. He has seen the suits and ties, but not seen their activity as a helpful enterprise, he has not seen the true liberation or freedom, as he has fought in his career and also been blocked while doing so. Therefore, he knows the cost of being political, even when your not an direct political operative.

While in the rise of Museveni, he promised and pledged to free the peasants, to ensure their voice and to not be used by the government. However, what his government has done, is using their poverty to gain loans and support of programs, without any strong achievements to show for. That is even as the 32 years of hold of power, the timely donations to the Ghettos seems a bit late and also shows the lack of progress in general. As the state is coming with charity, instead of coming with solutions.

Bobi Wine might not have grandest of messages, neither did dr. Kizza Besigye, but they are both saying what is needed, a real change and opportunities for the public to be represented and get service delivery. Not as usual today, where the state isn’t really seeing the suffering or the lack of service, as they are awaiting donor funds to fill the gaps for new programs and policy changes within the ministries.

The 1986ers have forgotten why they fought, as they are doing what processors where doing, the same rampant corruption, the same flashy cars and abroad health-care treatment, the same preventative arrests, the same assumption of colour connected to dissenting voice are arrested (24 red napkins “People Power” versus Green “DP” material under Obote) and so on. The use of colonial practices of caining people and also torture of dissidents, the new rulers are just like the same, but just more vindictive.

Museveni are forgetting the struggle, the impoverished and thinks he can PR manoeuvre and just sprinkle icing on the hurt and think it vanish. However, the dire realities are there, the political landscape is like this, because he made it like it too. Bobi Wine wouldn’t mean so much, if it wasn’t for the growing space between the State House and the people.

If the President didn’t need to hire more Special Force Command or even the new LDU’s, as that is the second coming of the Crime Preventers, but just more soldiers, than Police Officers. Just at another attempt of having more loyal paid guards, as the President cannot trust his own people or their loyalty to him. That is why he has taken all the men and people who are close to Bobi Wine and arrested them too, just to prove a point. Which is that he rules supreme.

This cannot last forever, he was maybe able to beat Besigye, as they are the same Bush-War generation, but he cannot continue to prolong this. Because the generation of Bobi Wine is not the same, they have only seen Bosco’s face and his tired of empty lies and deception. They are ready for governance and rulers who cares about their fate. Peace.


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