Bobi Wine and the “Arua 34” Treason Case deferred to 3rd December 2018: State procedure to postpone as long as they can!

Again, the Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and all his comrades from the Post Arua By-Election fracas had to answer the courts. This time they answered in the Gulu Magistrates Court. As per ordinary function, as the lack of evidence of the crime, lack of investigation within the month, close to two months. The Sate haven’t collected or bothered to explain the charges put on these people. They are just putting the pain on the individual, hoping they will buckle under pressure.

This is something is mandatory for any freedom fighter and anyone who is working against Bosco and his henchmen. If you’re a leader of some stature, you will be in Court and your charges will be fraudulent raised against you. That is the only outcome, as the state has already gotten rid of the forged gun charged, which was monopolized weapons and ammunition of the army. Which suddenly ended up planted in the Hotel Room of Bobi Wine on the fatal day of his driver in Arua. While the car, which was first a luggage vehicle, turned more important a few days later, as the President own admission has been altered since the day of proposed action. Where the glass was perfectly shattered and not even damaged on the paint of the car, which is magic in my opinion.

Here is today current state of affairs:

“Gulu Magistrate’s court has deferred to December 3 the case in which Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and 34 others are charged with treason over the violence ahead of the Arua Municipality by-election. The case resumed for mention on Monday in Gulu before Grade One magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana. However, the state prosecutor, Mr Julius Ochen, told court that they needed more time to gather more evidence against the accused” (Unity FM 97.7 Lira, 01.10.2018).

So if you think the saga of Bobi Wine and Arua is over. Forget about it. The Kabale Magistrate Court, prolonged the ‘Walk to Work’ case against them in 2012, but was still working on the case, even in 2016. Therefore, expect the same kind of nonsense in the manner of Bobi Wine. As he has enough supporters and have a generation behind him. That Bosco never will touch, unless he bribes them to oblivion and back. Nevertheless, they do not trust Bosco.

Now, that we are here and seeing this, expect it to last long, until 2019, maybe even 2020, if the NRM needs it to be. Because these court cases will pile up and stop Bobi Wine from campaigning and even be a viable candidate. This will stifle his affairs as he answers to forged up charges made by the state and these crimes has to be settled before he is really a free man. This is intended play by the authorities. The ones thinking otherwise are willingly to be fooled and thinking this is genuine. Then, they have learned nothing from all the issues and Court proceedings Besigye has had in his long career as a viable opposition candidate. Peace.

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