Today Gen. Mugisha Muntu starts walking through the desert!

The cool heat, the hot air and lack of humid is now starting to hit the face of former General Mugisha Muntu. As he yesterday launched his farewell and leaving the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). A party where he has had ambition in, ever since its inception in 2004. Now 14 years later and one Presidential Period of the party since November 2012 until he lost to Patrick Oboi Amuriat in November 2017. Therefore, we knew he would be humiliated by losing to another fraction.

Many of us thought he would flee the scene quicker and start a fresh in November last year. However, he waited to inform the public yesterday. Who knows why Muntu waited as long. He has tried to use his ambition and run for the highest office. However, the delegates voted for Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2015. Therefore, he lost there to, but was still the Party President, but not becoming the Presidential Candidate.

Muntu is clearly a lost bird, trying to find his nest. Now he promised a third-force, whatever that might be. Tomorrow, he will unleash it, but what it will be. That is all up to him. It might just be hot-air, but it is bloated ambition, which is the reason.

Muntu is walking in the same shoes as Amama Mbabazi did before him in 2015, when he started the Go Forward Initiative, which was launched right before the 2016 General Elections. As his ambition to become President wasn’t allowed or accepted within the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now, Muntu has never had the chance of battling or having the popularity within the FDC to beat Besigye and his support there. That is why he was second-fiddle, and since November, he was just relic of the past.

Clearly, Muntu didn’t want to be a relic without any power or any place to reign. Muntu needs to enforce and be himself. He doesn’t want to be guided or follow principals. He wants to stay on top and be the priority. So, whatever he starts, he will be king and no one should challenge that.

Someone should buy him a Nile Brew, he needs a splash, he needs drinks for the heat. Muntu needs to drink and keep cool. As the desert is hot, the heat hits the skin and the flesh starts to sweat. You need a drizzle of water and needs to keep refreshed while walking. As you don’t want to see mirages or dreams, as you want to find the next source and security. Get to closest village and secure shelter before dawn.

That is why Muntu is now reaching, as he is on a quest for his own shelter. He will be trying to find himself in the political landscape. Muntu might have his backers and supporters from his time in the FDC. They might follow him, the MPs whose loyal to him, maybe following him too. But then they are going to something unknown, where the sun is only thing promised. As the Go Forward haven’t created anything substantial since its inception. Whatever name of Muntu Party, he will a long battle ahead.

Muntu will need his shelter and care-package to secure himself. As the only thing steady is heat, as he now walks alone. He might has some support around him. But they will not provide or delegate provisions. This is something he has create on his own. Therefore, Muntu are starting to walk and has a long road ahead.

Is he prepared, I don’t know, as there been many bright minds building the FDC and its protocols. Who knows who joins him and what is mission. Other than one, which has been clear along.

The naked ambition. Where that is taking him. That is not certain. That it will be hot, little humidity and little help. Hope he has brought enough water and care-packages, to get him through the desert. But we can really be wondering, if this moderate politician are ready to run on his own. Peace.

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