Gen. Muntu: I thought you left for a ‘Third Force’ last November, but you waited another 10 months!

I was wrong, I thought Gen. Mugisha Muntu was ready to move and start on his own, as he lost to Patrick Oboi Amuriat in the Presidential Election of 2017 in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Muntu has since then, been working on his on, as he has done his parts and been together with the party, but not in official fashion. Now, today it got leaked early, but stated later through an official statement, that Muntu was leaving the party he was establishing 2004.

I was thinking he wanted to leave earlier, when he wrote this in November last year: “I want to operate in an environment where I feel I am trusted by those that I am working with. So colleagues, I don’t want to be unfair to you nor do I want to say that you are being unfair to me. Therefore, at a personal level, there are decisions I will have to make in the coming days and weeks. I ask for your patience and prayers. We need to bear with each other even as we ponder on the decision that we will have to make. We do our part as human beings and the rest we leave it to God” (Mugisha Muntu, 25.11.2017).

That is why I expected him earlier, as he didn’t trust the FDC anymore and not the ones leading, as he wasn’t one in charge. His fraction of the FDC wasn’t moving the masses or the delegates of the party, as they decided someone else than Muntu. This shows, as long as he rose to prominence in the party and had relevance, he would stay, but when the steering of the ship needed another turn. He feels the needs to bail and led something on his own.

That is why I take s small piece from his statement upon leaving the FDC:

It is no secret that there have been calls from the population for new political actors. In the aftermath of our party presidential elections, there was talk of formation of a ‘Third Force’. There was also anecdotal evidence of a need for this; the number of independent MPs and leaders has been steadily growing, several people even within the ruling party have been dissatisfied with their party but not convinced enough to join ours and there is a huge number of youth, especially among the working class, that is critical of government but sceptical of the opposition as well. These are facts that every political actor must seek to understand. Nature abhors a vacuum. When we started FDC, there were already established parties. Yet the reality was, none of them was fulfilling the political desires of the people at the time. Indeed, within a few months of our formation, we had membership that far surpassed that of all other established opposition parties” (Gen Muntu: Why We are Quitting FDC, 25.09.2018).

Therefore, today isn’t a shock, I was expecting it to be happening much sooner, I was wrong on that, but my expectation of press conference at Hotel Africana in November 2017. I anticipated so much more, as the fallout of losing would add pressure. As his place and position in the party was eradicated and no special VIP place was made for him. He was a moving car without any place to park.

Now, that the car has officially crashed and he is telling more what he is up to tomorrow. This is far from the end of the FDC. Even if the rumored part of “independent” MPs, as it was indicated of a Fang Fang meeting in August 2018, where 29 FDC MPs was planning a rebellion and stopping paying their monthly contribution to the party. If these are the “we”, Muntu have been talking about all day. It would make sense, as there are moderates and compliance MPs, who has had no trouble with a soft approach to steering the conversation and also the change of leadership from the NRM. Instead of going heads-on with defiance and civil disobedience towards the state. That is why, most likely, the ones in favor of the Shadow Government. Are the ones following Muntu.

However, that will be revealed at a later junction. We who had a hunch in November 2017, was right. It though it would happen much quicker, but it was a slow force, a ‘third force’. In this manner, there shouldn’t be a worry for the FDC. The FDC has an administration and protocols, as well as established party. They should be function without Muntu and his fraction. Just like they have done with other major political operatives leaving the party. They have seen this with others and continued their agenda. So the FDC should just continue. Whatever or whoever that follow Muntu on ‘Third Force’, as him and his allies will find their way. Certainly, he intend to led and reign in that, as he cannot be controlled or be a second fiddle there.

Muntu has proven that, he will do his thing, by any means. Muntu couldn’t manage to find a new way or even seek other positions within the FDC. If he as such a Party Builder, why wouldn’t he like to see the spoils? Now he plans to start a ‘Third Force’ and bring with him the possible moderates?

We have to see the 27th September 2018 Press Conference, whatever he brings to the table as he jumps ship. We just have to await that one, but he is not FDC anymore, which has been his home since 2004. He was there for 14 years, working and building, but when they didn’t give him confidence. Muntu decided to leave, instead of waiting for a new role. Peace.

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