Bosco thinks he can bribe the youth of Kamwokya: So they will not join the People Power Movement!

We know that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are scared and aware of the power, the messages and the public surge for Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. That is why Museveni isn’t participating in the United Nations General Assembly, as he is back at his farm in Rwakitura and in-general doing official business at the State House.

That is why Bosco suddenly cares for Kamwokya and Kyadondo East Constituency, as it is there where Bobi Wine first made a name and his strongholds. That is the State House is suddenly dropping off pocket-change from the Donations Budget in the Presidential Affairs there. As the State House has to try to bribe the public with donations and gifts, as they doesn’t have any clear solutions to their dire needs. The State House and government should have ensured that this sort of charity wasn’t needed, but they can do this, because the NRM has kept them poor.

Col Bantariza was in the company of State House officials who on Monday, on behalf of President Museveni, handed over support to Ghetto Youth Community at Kamwokya Passover Harvest Church. “The president has given you this money but I urge you to use it well. You have been given 100m but if you use it well, in future you will get more than that,” Col. Bantariza said” (Michael Kakumirizi – ‘Six slum groups receive State House money’ 24.09.2018, Link:

We surely knows why these funds suddenly rains over this part of Kampala, as this was the first place with riots after the arrest and torture of Bobi Wine in August 2018. That is why the State House and Bosco is trying to pay himself out with some small donations to the public. Hoping that these minor gestures are enough to silence them. This is really to bribe them off.

Bosco thinks he is wise. If he was wise, he would have given the youth, used his three decades into power to actually create opportunities and securing their future. Instead, so many percentages are without work and without possible hire, as the gig economy and the lack possible hires.

This is the mistake of the government, they are oppressing them and tear-gassing them, but thinking they will forget that over dropping a few meals and some shillings. They are not finding solutions or trying to figure out why they are dwellers, hawkers, boda-boda drivers and whatnot. They are not ensuring their future or such. This sort of funds is just temporary, as the long-term needs are met.

That should Bosco worry about and is the reason for Bobi Wine popularity, because he wants another future for them, not just some pocket change and forget them in a years time. That is what the National Resistance Movement (NRM) does. They haven’t done this in the past, in a way, but does it everytime there is a election. Then, they give money and hope for loyalty for the donations. But now they does it when it isn’t an election. Than we know the reason. They are trying to give breadcrumbs and hope they will not riot.

They should have delivered proper government services and secured their future. That part of legislation and policies have been forgotten. Seriously, if Bosco thinks people cannot see through this BS. Than, he thinks people are stupid. Maybe he should spend more time with his cattle and leave the people be. Peace.

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