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Is Museveni afraid of Bobi Wine? The Quack is Staying home instead of leaving for UNGA!

Similarly, a political leader must diagnose correctly the ills of society. A doctor who does not diagnose his patient’s disease adequately is nothing but a quack. In politics we have also got quacks – and Uganda has had a lot of political quacks over the past two decades or so.” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on the 26th January 1986 – ‘Mere Change of Guard’.

Certainly, the ones who doesn’t get it, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a quack, as he is Exellency and the Fountain of Honor. The 1986 rhetoric are really backfiring today, as he hasn’t shown the character, as he still promises the same remedies or simplification of problems as he did when he took power. The President still thinks that settles the score and proves that the ultimate quack is himself.

Well, this here isn’t about his lying self, this about that he is staying home. Not because he wants to save money and buy shoes for the population. Neither, is there more important tasks back home. As he has no trouble leaving for Addis Ababa or Khartoum, whenever he pleases, even Nairobi or Dodoma. Therefore, there are other reasons. I will first put the official line, which we all know isn’t true, because the political reality isn’t there. Just take a look!

President Museveni has elected not to attend the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that gets underway in New York today, according to highly-placed diplomatic sources” (…) “State House said the President has other “more important” issues to attend to while according to Foreign Affairs ministry, Mr Museveni tabled his decision for a Cabinet discussion two months ago. The President told Cabinet it was pointless to travel to New York when he was going to address the assembly for only 15 minutes. It is also costly in a way that each time he travels, he is accompanied by a big delegation. Cabinet endorsed the decision and the records are there,” State International Affairs Minister Okello-Oryem told Daily Monitor last Saturday” (Frederic Musisi – ‘Museveni skips UN General Assembly’ 18.09.2018 link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Museveni-skips-UN-General-Assembly/688334-4764512-fob5my/index.html).

The most important issue is that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is returning this week after a media frenzy in the United States, where he also gotten needed medical treatment after the Post-Arua By-Election torture. Which gave him a battering and hurt him for over 2 weeks between 14th August 2018 and when he was able to leave early September, after being blocked once by the authorities at Entebbe.

However, President Museveni has become a writer and steady speaker, because Bobi Wine can enlighten and put a spark on the youth in the ghettos. In a way that Museveni haven’t been able for years. As Museveni needs to pay Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone to get crowds like he did before the elections in 2016. Bobi Wine can just show-up or even go door-to-door and get positive response. That is because, he speaks like the generation and the ones who has only seen Museveni as the President. The ones that never saw Yusuf Lule, Tito Okello, Milton Obote or even Idi Amin. Therefore, Museveni are struggling, he cannot manage to beat that and the message of Bobi Wine.

Even if the ironies, is that the peasant message of Museveni in the 1980s isn’t far off what People’s Power is today in 2018. However, Museveni is a self-serving beast at this point and not eager to deliver anything else than wealth to the clan. The rest can just go amuse themselves in poverty. That is why he delivers breadcrumbs in the ghettos now, but didn’t do much for the three decades ruling. If he did, the UPDF wouldn’t go there last year to kill army-worms.

That is why Museveni is scared, because he knows he is a quack and failed. He knows that he is the big-man, His Excellency and President of three decades. That just continues to linger and has trouble with the kid who was 4 years old when he grabbed power. It is magical and sad at the same time.

That the man who blamed Obote for everything are delivering the same sort of nonsense and lack of development. On top of that, always asking for more time. While he trouble with a youngin’ who comes from the utter poverty and risen to the stratosphere. Someone he cannot control and speaks of the similar message as he did, when you was without power. Bobi Wine speaks of the same hope and liberty, as the ones Museveni promised the people, but however, never delivered.

That is why he is afraid and staying quacking at home. He will torment Bobi Wine, just like Museveni has done to other dissidents and he will deflect the misuse of power doing so. That is in Museveni’s nature. This is part of the fear, because Museveni cannot control Bobi Wine, just like Museveni cannot control Besigye. Both of them are vocal dissidents who are not afraid of him and that scares Museveni. That is why he don’t know what to do with them, as the world is watching.

While Museveni misused his words, there might be hope in People’s Power and Bobi Wine. Something Museveni cannot contain forever. That is why he is afraid and staying home. The 27 Guns will not change the guard this time. It will only make it worse. Peace.

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