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The Fear is Real: As NRM ‘dismiss’ Besigye and Bobi Wine!

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and its defenders, the cronies and the ones who works in- and around NRM are working hard to make Dr. Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine into empty leaders without a vision, men who are running around spreading falsehoods and ensuring their leadership role and role models are failing.

While the NRM are doing so, be aware, that is their plan, just to make sure the NRM can rule indefinitely and misuse their power. That is why they are continue to blame the opposition, while they acted in restraint, while they apparently arrested 66,000 youths and the Arua 33. They have charged the opposition, while never giving any answer to the torturing of the opposition, neither answering to the deaths done by the authorities.

That is why this is tiring, as this whole ordeal happen because of extra-judicial killing of Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga and the contest for the deceased MP in Arua Municipality. If it wasn’t for that, this sort of play and this actions from mid-August 2018 wouldn’t been the case. That is the reality, one senseless killing has spiralled into riots, demonstrations and more deaths. Not only torture, forged charges on Opposition leaders and also activists.

Bobi Wine is no put on blast, said he is all charm and passion, but not proven leadership. However, was Museveni proven before he took power in 1986? He lied to Julius Nyerere and Milton Obote about his military prowess before the coup d’etat against Idi Amin. Therefore, I am tired of people, saying that Bobi Wine is a problem and just empty words. Museveni wasn’t much either, he wouldn’t be much if he didn’t get backers from Libya. That is why the NRM are trying to push all kinds of narrative.

Just like everyone has said Besigye doesn’t have the character to be President. He was clearly inteligent enough to establish and ensure the structure of NRM’s Movement System in the late 1980s and showed his capacity then, as well as what he has done with building the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Besigye cannot do anything right in the eyes of the NRM, that is because he the stark contrast to the NRM. Even if he was a previous NRM and was even in the cabinet and appointed by Museveni. That is because he has shown that he works against them. That is why he has been charged with treason, lived in exile (which is an excuse against him, even if Museveni did the same), arrested and house-arrested. This is what the NRM does to the real opposition, not how they manage Abed Bwanika

That is why Bobi Wine is now becoming the same mantle piece, he is under the same attacks, the use of his past. Just like Besigye has gotten lot of crap for his exile and return, even if Museveni did the same. Now Bobi Wine will be attacked for his use of weed, because that is clear violation of role model. Not like a killer and liar isn’t a problem? Because Museveni is the holy of the holy and his mischief is cool, but when others does it, it is a giant problem.

No matter if Bobi Wine and Besigye was choir boys all their lives, if they had been bank-clerks and not done any harm to a fly, the NRM would make them into devils, who lit up Jesus on the Cross. That is because the NRM are using their tactics to make them intolerant and ignorant, people who just seek power, but will not use it properly. Not like the NRM over three decades has much to show. That is another scenario, but not fiction, it is actual reality. This is so boring to repeat, but if the NRM was so great, why are the such a lack of development after three decades? You have had a generation to make a difference, but it still looks like Obote, but with a Iphone(!!). That is all. Peace.


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