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Hon. Zaake’s condition still in a limbo!

We can only wonder, how it goes with Honorable Francis Zaake, who was tortured and possibly poisoned by the authorities in the aftermath of the Arua By-Election on the 15th August 2018. He was able to leave for India after two weeks of fighting and also being closed off in hospitals in Uganda. Where he wasn’t getting needed treatment. As his deteriorating health condition, he was finally allowed leave on a second turn to leave on bond on the 3rd September 2018. As he has now been in danger and this is because the state did this to him, where he is representing people in Mityana Municipality.

The recent news on him is this:

The number of medical specialists attending to Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake has been stepped up after he quickly relapsed upon being taken off life-support machines on Tuesday” (Daily Monitor, 12.09.2018).

Doctors at Manipal Hospital in India have identified foreign ingredients in the blood of Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, a likelihood that he could have been poisoned” (PML Daily, 12.09.2018).

We should really be worried, as the damage on his health, as he has been days upon days in coma in India, as the state was stopping him from getting treatment early, as they knew what they had done to him. Therefore, the damage and hurt on his body didn’t get the possible treatment in time, as it gets worse with the effects of time and prolong the suffering. That the MP is in coma as a result of what the Special Force Command, the Soldiers and the Police Officers, as this is really showing the impunity of actions. As he was a fellow campaigner and that has been costly. Standing on the side of the opposition and therefore, a viable target for the state to attack.

Zaake is hurt and in coma. This because of a By-Election gone bad and the state revenging on the opposition. They have never apologized or tried to mend the hurt, instead tried to deflect and ensure the spin was in high gear. This one more individual who was hurt and possible life-threatening. While the President and his Presidential Guards are walking around putting all blame on the ones the state has already hurt. That is the vile attempt of scoring double, while also making sure the opposition learns not to test the President. That is why they are tortured to learn a lesson.

Zaake, we can hope and pray the medics in India can save, as his life is in limbo, as the coma has been going on for days and the young MP was the prey of the state. This is what the world needs to know, that Musveni and his security organizations does this to representatives and public, which he disagrees with. Peace.


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