Russian Probe: Manafort plea guilty!

Just as you thought this couldn’t get better for the United States Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Today, the former Trump Campaign Manager and long time lobbyist and political operative have now pleaded guilty today. He is in a long line of former Campaign workers and also Trump Associates who has pleaded guilty and begun to co-operate with the Russian Probe.

Paul Manafort are following Gen. Michael Flynn, George Papadopolous, Richard Gates and Michael Cohen. Therefore, many of the ones involved in the Trump Campaign have now said their was guilty of crimes of various sorts. George Papadopolous and Alex Van Der Zwaan have both served time or even serving it, as Manafort is the only one, who is already been charged on several counts.

Now, we have these people all pleaded guilty and their roles was Trump’s Personal Lawyer, Top Campaign Aide and former Campaign Manager. This is clearly a giant signal to the ones saying, yet again there was no collusion or nothing criminal done by the Trump Campaign. As yet another big-shot , have pleaded guilty. It is a big list, when Manafort, Flynn, Papadopolous, Gates and Cohen.

What the documents are saying today, are that Manafort plea agreement, which says he was guilty of Conspiracy against the United States, violation of Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and second charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice by tampering with witnesses. These criminal charges was waivered because of the plea agreement. What is added injury, but also done to show cooperation, is that he had forfeiture assets and real-estate, as the state has taken this from him.

We knew that Gates would drop the needle and show the background for the business operation and the Foreign Agent work of the Manafort. We can wonder what Flynn has delivered to the state and produced to them, what Papadopolous has done as well. As well, as Cohen whose cooperating too will surely add more flesh to the bones.

This investigation has peeled the onion, piece by piece. That is why finally Manafort has pleaded guilty too. He knows that there would be more damage in the next trial after the first one, where he found guilty of certain charges already. Therefore, accepting it now before the speedy trial, he is ensuring less jail time and cooperating. But that is also showing a pattern, where we can wonder what is next and what he gives up to get this. We can all assess that there are higher ranking individual that Mueller is getting evidence and tying in all collected all the dots.

Mueller knows more than we do and that is why he is covering the net around the Trump Campaign and making sure every fish is catched and even the big-fish too.

The race to the President continues, but the Witches are apparently everywhere, since they are all getting plea agreements. Peace.

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