Opinion: Bosco clearly lost his mind over VOA Panel Debate with Bobi Wine!

The reality is that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni aka Bosco lost his mind yesterday. He was surely sitting in darkness and mad, as he put out all of the electricity and ensured people that they could watch Voice of America and Straight Talk Africa with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as it was scheduled at 9:30 PM on the 12th September.

This program really made the President angry and unsure, as he has ordered the live-broadcast on the NBS Television and all electricity off as the program was about to start. Minutes after the black-out, the UMEME made statements and later claimed of technical glitches at Owen Falls, but this is never happening when Bosco is speaking, but only when powerful voices who are questioning his power. That is why he takes off all power of the nation, the nation who has surplus power in his eyes. They can clearly not have stable enough electricity…

Maybe cause Bobi Wine states the obvious so clearly:

“In Uganda, there can be a murder and the Police shows up after hours. But if youth gather to discuss the future of their country, Military Police will appear from nowhere in 2 minutes and beat up everyone.” – Bobi Wine (12.09.2018).

This is showing the blatant disregard for the dissidents, which has been known for years by the ones who follow, but are now getting exposed in the International Media. Also, this is being told in a manner, where the President cannot control the message. That is why he tried to block it, like he did with social media in and around the General Election of 2016.

However, this is 2018 and even with usage of gasoline to make electricity during black-outs, while also this video clips of the program will be spread online and shown for days, as the state cannot black-out or block the footage. Therefore, if the President thought his order would silence or stop the spreading of the messages from Bobi Wine. He is terribly wrong, but showing more of fear of the man. That the President has exposed his fear is really clear.

That Bosco struggles with Bobi Wine is obvious now, as he are turning of the electricity because of Straight Talk Africa, where his dissident is speaking. While when he is speaking for hours himself the other day, without any interference, but when Bobi Wine is on, the blackout is ordered.

If he thinks this was wise, it wasn’t, because he has shown his level of insecurity. The people should take notice, not only of the costs of losing electricity for a few hours, but that Bosco cannot manage his anger and frustration, as one MP are talking on an International TV station, there are also reports that the electricity has been turned of today, when NBS Television planned to do a re-run. Therefore, someone is really furious and not stable mind concerning Bobi Wine. Peace.

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