The End of the bitter Love Story: Did Trillanes amnesty get revoked because Duterte lost patience?

Well, there are things that one must do as a public servant and this is not the first time that I went up against a sitting president, a sitting vice president and a very powerful senate president. So, I believe I’m just being consistent regardless of the dangers that I could probably face” Antonio F. Trillanes IV (Transcript BBC Interview of Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV, 27.06.2017).

Senator Antonio Trillanes has worked tirelessly against President Rodrigo Duterte, the President revoked the Amnesty, which was agreed on 31st January 2011 and that was made “null and void” on the 31st August 2018. This is happening as Trillianes has worked steadily since May 2016 to look into the economy of the Duterte family.

He has gone after Paolo Duterte and also Sara Duterte. Not only the offshore accounts of the President Duterte. He has pushed for impeachment of the President. On the President’s undeclared wealth, charged him with corruption, wanted the Ombudsman to probe the Presidents wealth, asking the Senate to probe Duterte’s Wealth and also filled a Plunder Complaint against the President. All of this he has pushed from May 2016 until February 2018.

Clearly, the openness is needed for any public official, that Trillanes has fought for that is natural. Duterte have really triggered him, what is special about the senator is that he is from the marine and persistence. He knows the value of information and dropping confidential documents, as he did with the Greenbase Expose. That shown the plans of misusing the terrorist threats in Mindanao for oil exploration there in 2003.

Therefore, the revelation of making the amnesty null and void is showing that Duterte is retaliating. He is pushing someone back to be cornered. Trillanes has already been behind bars for seven years before becoming Senator. That is why this is not something foreign to him.

As a former marine and prisoner might explain even more, why he is so persistence and orientated on keeping Duterte on guard. At the same time, the tireless campaign against him, has possibly backfired as Duterte now used his powers to null and void his amensty. This means Trillanes is in legal limbo awaiting possible trial for the mutiny and other charges of the past.

This story is clearly not over, as the amnesty move by the President will start a legal case. Also, put the Senator more under fire than he has been of late. Trillanes cannot attack Duterte as much, since this is trying to detain him like Leila De Lima. So, he will be yet another critical senator that Duterte dismissed with power.

We can just wonder how this one will go, but Trillanes will really feel it now, as Duterte has the position to do so and he is not. The revoked amnesty is a pickle, who knows, but we all know this a political hit-job. Peace.

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