Bobi Wine’s horrific torture in detention post Arua By-Election!

Just as he has been in the United States for a day. The tortured Members of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who is telling his story of what happen to him, as he was arrested in the hotel in Arua on the 14th August 2018 and what happen since. As the Special Force Command (SFC) and the soldiers of the army were torturing the MPs, the leaders and the whole Arua33. All of them, this is just the tale of what happen to Bobi Wine. That is bad enough. No one should gone through this for campaigning for an candidate during a By-Election. This is the wrongs and shows the ills of the state, as they are ordering it and ensuring this happen to the people who challenge the power of the President.

If the President are so afraid, why did the SFC do this to Kyagulanyi: “Another soldier pointed a pistol on my head and ordered me to kneel down. I put my hands up and just before my knees could reach the floor, the soldier who broke into the room used the same iron bar to hit me. He aimed it at my head and I put up my hand in defence so he hit my arm. The second blow came straight to my head on the side of my right eye. He hit me with this iron bar and I fell down” (Robert Kyagulanyi, 03.09.2018).

This is really just demeaning and hurting him, as they made him kneel, then beating on him and used an iron bar. That is really with intent of hurting him. As the bones and flesh are hurt by the force with the usage of iron bar. That you use it towards the face, shows that they wanted to visibly too, as well as not only weakening his body, but his spirit too.

They continued to torture him: “They wrapped me in a thick piece of cloth and bundled me into a vehicle. Those guys did to me unspeakable things in that vehicle! They pulled my manhood and squeezed my testicles while punching me with objects I didn’t see” (Robert Kyagulanyi, 03.09.2018).

They really didn’t spare him any piece of mind, they really wanted to show their power and strength. As they went for his genitals. They are really showing their blatant disregard for Bobi Wine as a person, as they had already beaten all parts of body, but had to go after his manhood. They just wanted to show their attitude and their opportunity to control him. To go after his sensitive and weakest part, show how much they would do to make him suffer.

They even drugged the man, after all the pains they put him through: “Very early morning, I was picked from this room and taken to another very secluded and dirty room where I was put on another bed, hand-cuffed again and injected with a drug that immediately sent me into a deep sleep” (Robert Kyagulanyi, 03.09.2018).

When he is already heavily injured as the tortured man had gone through a process, where the soldiers and SFC had picked where to hit, what to hurt and how to damage him as they saw fit. They continued and even injected him with an unknown substance. This shows to what extent the state will got to, to hurt a civilian and a representative. That the NRM and President Museveni calls himself a freedom-fighter now, is an insult to what freedom is. This is oppression and torturing people, not freedom or liberty.

The world should know that Bobi Wine isn’t the only one who went through painful experience with the SFC, he is just one out of many, but he is the biggest target and the one that NRM cannot handle. That is why they went this far on him. They really wanted to send a message. Don’t mess with Museveni. He is supposed to rule indefinitely, Not being questioned by the “Ghetto President” or even the “People’s President” for that matter. Peace.

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