Hon. Zaake’s demise: Today, the Police is giving him a one month bond to travel abroad!

“Police has charged Hon. Francis Zaake with treason & unlawful escape. Police has also bonded him for a month to allow him travel for medical treatment” (NBS Television, 03.09.2018).

How much impunity can republic put on one man? You just have to wonder, as his lawyers have been trying to put the man, whose on police bond to treatment abroad. Which is common for Members of Parliament in Uganda. If Hon. Francis Zaake, as National Resistance Movement cadre, the state would have paid him, covered the expenses and ensured safe travel to the hospital abroad. Alas, he is a fugitive of the state, which where he represent a constituency. Charged with treason and with unlawful escape from custody.

Where he is in confinement by the state at the Kirrudu hospital in Makindye district, where the MP is located now. Where a CMI Officer is guarding his door and not entering people in, not even medical personnel. AS over the weekend, he only got painkillers as the tortured MP are awaiting medical treatment. That is the state of affairs concerning Zaake.

This is coming as he was tortured after the Arua By-Elections mid-August and has since then been dropped off at another hospital, before getting re-arrested at Entebbe Airport, as he tried to get medical treatment in India on the 31st August 2018. Therefore, the MP has done what he could, but the state is blocking him from doing so. By all means possible. That is what they have done until this point of time.

While charging him with treason and trying to escape custody, which was impossible as the soldiers dropped him off at Rubaga Hospital on the 19th August 2018. Therefore, it will now be two months of awaiting possible medical treatment, as the state fights and shows all disregard for this man. They are clearly not giving him a second chance or even shadow of a doubt, as he is lingering in uncertain stage.

Zaake, deserves the ability for treatment, then the charade of forged charges and unproven allegations of treason can conspire, but by then he will be in good health and be able to answer to the state produced charges against him. Right now he is bed-ridden and not knowing what sort of damage done to his body. Other, than the obvious beatings and the torture, which could have harmed anywhere on his body. That is why his medical treatment is needed, but the state is afraid of what the reports might say. As they know what they did to him before they dropped him off as a sack of potatoes at Rubaga Hospital. Even if they have cleared him right now, they have worked against it, and shown him no mercy. They kept this man for so long, who knows what sort of damage the waiting time has done to his body.

Time to challenge these oppressors and not let them win. Time for them to hear the drums, speakers and reality, as one of our own is left behind guards without medics to treat his body. He has now gotten a one month bond to travel, let see how that goes. Hope and pray, that they can help him. Peace.

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