Hon. Zaake’s condition uncertain: As his still blocked from getting medical treatment in India!

The situation concerning Hon. Francis Zaake is still in a limbo. Yesterday, people had hope that he would also be allowed to get medical treatment abroad. However, he has been blocked and not allowed to live Kiruddu Hospital, where he was arrested and has been kept after trying to get to India for Medical Treatment.

We know that the hospital have been blocked and medical treatment there for the MP. As the MP have only gotten painkillers and not needed treatment after the torture done post Arua By-Election.

Despite our best effort whole day today, we have to this hour not been able to get MP Zaake to travel for medical treatment. The decision chain seems blurred & obtuse. We will return to this earliest tomorrow. Continue to pray for Hon Zaake. He is in pain” (Nicholas Opiyo, 01.09.2018).

According to the Information from a close Relative to Hon Zaake , the Mityana Municipality Legislator is in Coma at Kiruddu Hospital since He has not received any medication and has been served only Painkillers” (87.7 Kampala FM, 01.09.2018).

This is happening as the authorities are saying he is not cleared for traveling and the attorneys he have has not been able to allowing him to leave. They are keeping him at the arrest at the hospital, where they took him after arresting him at Entebbe Airport as he tried to get treatment abroad.

If the reports are true and the MP have gone into coma, that is because his body hasn’t gotten needed treatment and the levels of torture has been fatal to the man. This is the end-game, where the torture and bodily harm wasn’t able to heal, as he never gotten the medical attention needed. As the state have moved him and toyed around with him after the days in incommunicado and where he was tortured.

We don’t know if he has gone into coma. The medics have been blocked to look at him for two days. The knowledge of his condition is hard to know, that he has been in limbo. Isn’t that strange… He has had all these days since Special Force Command (SFC) and the other Security Organizations did what they did to him. Who knows what is hurt and how badly beaten he was by the authorities.

Time will tell how his condition really is, as at the current moment. Nothing is verified and nothing is official. We don’t know, but are worried and hope that he will get treatment. As we cannot know for certain. We just know that he has been hospitalized after state sanctioned torture by security officials. Peace.

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