Impunity in action: The blocking of medical treatment abroad for Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake!

We know that if there is minister, a Member of Parliament or anyone of value for the republic of Uganda. They are going for treatment in South Africa, Kenya, India or anywhere else. Like the children of the President has sent private airplanes and trips for his daughters to Germany for giving birth. Therefore, we know that if Ministers and MPs are getting sick and need secure treatment they are sent abroad. This is happening to the ones connected around the President and within his party National Resistance Movement (NRM).

That is why today’s news is insulting. It is demeaning and its bitterness from the state, as it retaliates and still makes the charged Members of Parliament suffer. This being Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, whose was violently taken away from Entebbe Airport, as he was scheduled to fly for medical treatment. The police beat him, then took him away and whisked him away in van, as he was on the way for treatment.

Earlier in the day, Hon. Francis Zaake was also trying to leave the airport for treatment abroad, but was stopped from the same authorities. As the police and guards of the state stopped them.

Now the excuse of the state, is that the state now has to evaluate the damage and the tortured people, as they couldn’t do that as they were in government custody since 14th August and “released on bail” on the 27th August 2018. Therefore, they had 2 weeks to ensure they were in god-speed. Instead, they have tortured and kept them in detentions. Not treatment for their wounds and damaged bodies. As we cannot know their true status per now.

The state really has a nerve to do this. As we know what they do to their own. They are already creating havoc and brutally tormenting people, as they are the enemies of the state. When they are representing the people of their constituency and are MPs. They are doing the same to activists and random dwellers around political rallies too, or demonstrations for that matter. Therefore, this shows how blatant the impunity of the state is. That the NRM are doing this and are proud of doing this. As they are deflecting the real activity. Blaming the ones blocked, as they are far from vindicated from the crimes. However, they are in dire need for medical treatment.

That is not a priority of the state, as they want to give a signal again. That if your becoming a threat to the President. He will make sure you pay and will feel his rage. Peace.

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