Rumor: UPDF returning to South Sudan via Kaya!

I have been vocal about my lack of faith in President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as mediator in South Sudan. As he has been a loyal weapon-brother to President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, today’s unconfirmed rumors might be true. As this is not the first time Museveni is serving military support to the South Sudanese. This has been done before.

The rumor, which isn’t verified yet:

22 Ural tracks with UPDF have just crossed into South Sudan via Kaya. The rest are still in Koboko barracks awaiting to cross into South Sudan. Khartoum peace agreement between Khartoum and Kampala is working”.

This here would be devastating as the works on the Peace Agreement together with Sudan and IGAD in Khartoum is about to resume. The draft document are already released and the works on it is needed. So that all parties are settled and agreeing on the terms.

While that is happening. Now there are reports of possible movement of soldiers. They are most likely working directly with the South Sudanese Defence Forces (former Sudanese People’s Liberation Army – SPLA). As they would serve the arms and services for whatever needs President Kiir needs. If they would be there for peacekeeping mission, they wouldn’t be sneaked in.

That is why I am waiting for verification, but this isn’t shocking, as the UPDF have helped with both technical help, training of soldiers and weapons. Therefore, this is following a pattern of Museveni offering Kiir a hand. Peace.

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