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Opinion: There is a 33 Percentage chance that DP Ruto was hurt by that IPSOS Survey!

The constant, perennial and unending headlines and opinion polls about me is sponsored by our competitors because they cannot match our development records” – Deputy President William Ruto

There are certain leaders that are afraid of their shadow, one of them is now apparently, Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto. Whose been by a Game Changers Survey by IPSOS saying that he is the most corrupt politician in the Republic with a 33 percentage margin.

What the same survey showed there was lack of believe that the corrupt legislators or politicians would be put behind bars as well, the total was only 17 %. That shows, they have reasonable answers for the survey, as the likeliness of that to happen is small anyway. However, I will be commenting on the numbers and the answers after from DP Ruto.

That because he is really defensive and hurt by the people’s feedback. He calls it work to hurt him. If he had delivered a development record, there would be stadiums and lack of growing corruption. That is what has surged, the growing debt, austerity measures from the IMF and growing corruption together. That is a record I wouldn’t smile about, but cry, because I did this to own people. The people I represent.

DP Ruto should consider what he has done in office, has his wealth has sky-rocketed, he has gotten more assets, companies and land. Ruto knows this and the Kenyans knows this too. The Game Changers Survey shows that people are clear whose the most corrupt in their eyes.

He should maybe be more transparent of his growing estates, his village project, his hotels, his newspapers and growing empire in general. As the former walking preacher is suddenly richer, than God. That should put the imagination on most of the public. Since the money-train started to pour-in as quickly as he gotten into power and became the side-kick of Uhuru Kenyatta. Before that, he didn’t own that much and therefore, he was lucky to switch from Odinga to Kenyatta for political and economical gain.

Ruto cannot think everyone is blind and not seeing this. That he can fetch the word and blow it back. Since his family isn’t of a political dynasty, neither of blue-blood or old elites whose owned the Republic. Therefore, the rise of wealth has been extravagant in all ways.

DP Ruto should suck it in and wonder if people wasn’t more skeptical as he can donate millions every weekend, while his salary isn’t close to the donations. Therefore, people know he has the hand in the cookie-jar and wonder how much he is eating. This was his time to eat and plans to continue. He just want people to blind to it.

That is not how it works. With the perks, comes the jerks and time for him to go public and ask for forgiveness for his thieving. Not just go church and lie for what it is worth. Peace.

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