Militarism and Museveni: I wonder what will happen with that Post-Museveni?

I would have loved seeing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Without the soldiers, without the police force, without the Special Force Command and without the ESO/ISO. I wonder how the NRM and Museveni would be without the militarism. That would have been a whole other picture.

It would been a different story, if the President wasn’t that engaged the army and soldier in need. If the President was more tolerant and accepting of different views. The perspective of army and police intervening within the political spectrum. That is why the recent days has been it is. As the Special Force Command and the ISO, whose taken the MPs and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. All of these stories would have been differently. However, every time when Museveni has needed results, it hasn’t been with all public support, but by the use of guns. He has needed a rebel force and the army to secure his position.

Because with the army and the security organization, what does Museveni has to offer the Republic?

There aren’t much these days, there are more lies and deception. The NRM doesn’t offer anything, more of the same, cronyism and corruption. The public is tired of the empty promises and pledges.

Therefore, we should wonder, what would the Ugandan government look like if it wasn’t military based and actually represented by people who wasn’t rigged in or the cronies that Museveni trusts or needs. That is a question we should be to ask. As the military are everywhere and taking control.

This is a vital question and also something the People Power Revolution and anyone who wants change. Because what does it mean, if the army will just be used for territorial control of the sovereign nation and also be parts of peacekeeping missions. Not used to control and intimidate the public, even invade the chambers for lawmakers in Parliament. That needs to be asked.

What would the government look like if it wasn’t based on militarism and was based on the will of the people and for the people? What would change and what sort of leadership would be there? How would it play and how will it conduct its affair?

Because right now, the army answers everything from delivering mosquito nets to getting people to beg for their life on Nasser Road, Kampala.

We just have to ask, not that Museveni or any of his apologist will want to answer. Because that is their demise and their meal-ticket. But the public have to ask, what will happen if they are ending the militarism and the militarized politics of present day. That is the future, but what is the future like and how will it change. Who will be there and what sort of reconciliation will be made to ensure the justice after years of tyranny and oppression?

All the acts of injustice, needs to be address, unless their will be left unhealed wounds. To many families and people have been hurt over the years. To many unanswered ills in society, which needs to counter for. Until that time, the saga will continue and someone will pursuit to use the same methods to control others. There need to be ways to secure the future, but also deal with the militaristic past.

This isn’t just for Bobi Wine and the detained MPs, but for all the people who has suffered and deserves a better future without Museveni and the NRM. Peace.

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