Does the US Gov. care how their Security Aid is used on the civilians in Kampala?

Since 2012 the United States have donated Security Aid to the Republic of Uganda in the total amount of $291,096,088, in 2018 alone they have donated $80,665,000. These numbers are taken from the Security Assistance Monitor. So, these are legit numbers. This is giant numbers, as the republic are parts of peacekeeping missions in AMISOM and in Central African Republic. However, some of these funds are used locally and on training of soldiers, which could be part of the Special Force Command as we speak.

What does the United States of America and the US Ambassador Deborah R. Malac feel about that? Are they proud that their military ally and for life President is working to become their modern day Mobutu. Which they also supported for decades, until he became a sore thumb and they had to overthrow him. Like they did with his predecessor together with Belgians in the than Zaire.

Will the United States stop their relationship and their military support of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and the Special Force Command, as they are used to attack civilians, as they are in on the streets to torment the public.

I wonder if they have any sort of plan now, as their “aid” is now really hurting people, the training from American Military and the certainly the arms-trade are now used directly at civilians. It is not used to fight the wars the Americans don’t want to participate directly themselves. Now, it is used to actually kill innocent civilians and used to prolong Museveni’s tyranny. Is that what the US ideal in East Africa is about?

Will the United States be responsible for their cultivation of Museveni and for all the weapons, the training and the direct military support of the republic.

We can wonder if they are proud that the helped trained soldiers are used to silence the media, silence the voice of the people and to prolong the dictatorship. That should make the Washington D.C. so proud, that their funds are directly a life-line for the President for life.

The Ugandan republic is sovereign and should be able to determine their own political trouble on their own. But when we know that the US is participating at these levels with security funding. They should take responsibility and man-up. Suspend their security aid and step away. Until someone who is suitable and actually elected by the people is running the Republic. Right now, its one man forcing his rule on the people with the arms traded with the US. That should be a worry the USA, even with their history of interfering and securing their men in power. Peace.

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