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More Merciless spin from President Museveni: “Security forces should be commended for Arua”

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are on the verge of mental headbanging the youth, the people and everyone who is loyal to him. The Arua By-Election and the days after have shown the state violence and stay bullets hitting anyone from Parliamentary Guard in Kampala to Football Fans in Mityana. Therefore, it is a bit rich, that he continues blaming the unarmed civilians, while his army and his security organizations are shooting and killing people.

President Museveni are showing his ignorance and lack of understanding. He cannot run away from the reality, which he cannot propaganda this and win. That time has left the building since he abolished the term limits. Now he continues blaming anyone else. This time not explaining the health of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, but says it was a group who planned to terrorize Arua. If that wasn’t the Special Force Command who shot people and not the people of the Opposition? That isn’t something the President can now cover up. He can try, but we will not forget that.

Part I:

The problem in Arua was caused by Bobi Wine’s group together with Kassiano Wadri, who attacked me, a useless action because I am protected and I can defend myself. The more serious issue is these chronically indisciplined people attacking women and children, destroying people’s property etc. Who is Bobi Wine or anybody to beat our people and for what? Watch the videos of Jinja and Bugiri, which are attached to this post. Should that happen in Uganda and why? If the Army had not intervened in Arua, a lot of people would have been killed by this Bobi Wine group. They had gathered stones, knives and there were reports of even guns. Why is it that we have never heard of any incident where the NRM supporters have ever attacked the Opposition supporters? Do you remember how the Bobi Wines were attacking the other MPs in Parliament? Are we to allow them to attack the Wanainchi in similar ways? How about assaulting soldiers or policemen? Do you remember the policeman, Ariong, who died from a stone throw? The security forces should be commended for saving mass deaths in spite of the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti-riot” (Museveni, 2018).

I look forward seeing the old man with the hat going into the streets and against the riots. Standing there and taking charge. Since, he seems more entitled to some of his estates. Than actually protecting and defending himself. He thinks he is Napoleon Bonapart, but he gotten into exile. Maybe, that is time for this old man too. As his ghost-stories and weird stories doesn’t make sense. As the supposed healthy Bobi Wine are able to rattle these people, while his car was perfectly damaged in Arua and driving the next in Kampala. Should commend people for shooting live rounds at unarmed civilians? What sort of mad-man does that? That is only someone who doesn’t value other people’s life you like you.

Part II:

His mistake may be to organize and participate in such a violent procession and to import illegal voters. The court will decide according to the evidence. Stop supporting impunity, stop supporting election cheating, stop supporting violence whatever side you are on. As already said above, I am investigating the circumstances of the driver of Bobi Wine who died. Five people were also reported in hospital with gun- wounds. We shall get the circumstances of those cases. In certain circumstances, the Police can use live bullets if they are not equipped with anti-riot equipment and the rioters are on the verge of killing innocent people. That is also possible. The question is: “Why do you riot? Why not use legitimate and peaceful ways of expressing your opinion?” When they stoned my car, what was the reason? If they could be so reckless to attack me, how would they spare the poor Wanainchi? Good enough, my protection force did not respond immediately. They delivered me to the helicopter and went back to rescue the Wanainchi, which they generally did in spite of the circumstances. That is why no local mwanainchi was killed by the hooligans. They did not have enough time to do the damage they intended” (Museveni, 2018).

Why are you claiming a violent procession was appearing now, when there was no reporting by the fake media doing so? When there was no official violence or any sort of ill activity until the Presidential Guards hit the scene and blasted fire against the ones you saw fit? What about Mr. President? Do you see how your malice and ignorance for facts are going?

Like when have you cared for the ones killed of the opposition or rallies in general. We still have no real answer for what happen to Andrew Kayiira? When will that be delivered. Not like you care for the opposition or the wannachi, unless, they are useful pawns for donor aid or for fixing the polls. The rest of the time, they linger like old stenching fish. You can make up stories, but that doesn’t make sense.

Part III:

To destroy property by throwing stones is not acceptable. To disenfranchise Ugandans by importing illegal voters from other areas is tantamount to treason because it overthrows the power of the people in the given area to elect their leaders. If you do not see these as problems, then you are a fascist. The Security forces must be commended because they saved mass deaths by dispersing these misguided people without using rifle fire, considering the fact that many of them were not equipped for anti- riot duties notwithstanding” (Museveni, 2018).

In the fight for justice against the injustice of Museveni, we are called pseudo-intellectual, terrorist and now also fascist. This for accepting throwing stones. However, I am not for violence of any kind. Especially not manufactured nonsense his PR Team has made. While the real violence from his authorities and his security organizations are killing and destroying people’s lives. His orders and the ones in his militarism is the ones that prolonging the tyranny in the Republic.

So, maybe take more responsibility for the pains you have caused to Bobi Wine, all of the others MPs and the families of the ones hurt in the recent days. Because, your blaming everyone else. It is tiring and without mercy. Peace.


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘Facebook Post on Arua on the 20th August 2018”, 20.08.2018

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