Merciless spin from President Museveni: Claims Bobi Wine is healthy and indisciplined!

If you know, you know”Pusha T.

Greetings. Some days have gone by while what President Trump calls “fake news” generators, especially the Monitor and their TV, the NTV, have been putting it out that our grandson, the indisciplined Bobi Wine, is gravelly ill, he cannot talk etc. They were putting it out that because of their “rough” handling of the MPs while arresting them, the Security forces could have done grievous damage to Bobi Wine. I decided to check with Army doctors because, being a disciplined Army, UPDF doctors always take precautions in such situations. Bobi Wine had already been seen by doctors in Arua, Gulu and Kampala. He has no head or chest injuries or bone fractures, they informed me” (Museveni, 2018).

Why are you lying Mr. President, when his own lawyers letter on the 18th August 2017 have stated together with the Uganda Human Rights Commission. That Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have a damaged kidney, he is suffering from internal bleeding, he has pain in his hips and head, as his detention is at the Makindye Military Barracks, where they don’t have dialysis or the X-Ray to look into the illnesses of Bobi Wine. Why are you lying today? What are trying to do? What is your goal with this?

The biggest problem is political leaders like Kassiano Wadri and Bobi Wine forming, or allowing indisciplined groups to be formed under the cover of elections, groups that form illegal processions in built-up and heavily populated areas, carrying stones, up-rooting side walk pavers to use as missiles, to attack defenceless women, children and other civilians” (Museveni, 2018).

All the clips of tape and following of the Presidential Convoy shows nothing of what you speak off. There was no violence, until the Special Force Command or the Presidential Guards starting to blaze up Arua. As the vile attempt of cover-up continues and you continue to blame the citizens. Not looking into the own guards. Which you defended in the last go-around, that they only resorted to live bullets. Because you they didn’t have anything else. What is wrong with you?

Do you know that people we’re shot today too in Mityana, or the ones hurt in the riots in Kampala in the last few days? Even, do you even care to mention the dead driver of Bobi Wine, which you never even seem to declare anything about. How dare you make up stories yourself! Do you even care about these citizens at all?

Anybody who is a friend of the young politicians like Bobi Wine should advise them that short cuts like cheating, importing voters, intimidating the voters of the other side, ballot stuffing etc will lead them and Uganda to doom. That is what the young politicians of independence thought and did and it led to disaster” (Museveni, 2018).

Why more lies and deception, as you know very well of your making? You are the king-pin of rigged elections. Kiggundu math is a thing because of you, Mr. President. You always counter-claim with similar efforts when you are losing. Because they didn’t follow your guidelines. Mr. President, you are leading the nation to disaster, you are killing the youth and the generations surrounding it. The Police are acting as goons, the Special Force Command means to the polls and changes of laws in Parliament, than even the lawmakers. That shows your intent. With texts like the one you dropped today.

You show, that your reckless, relentless and have no heart for your Republic. I’ll be illdisciplined and be one of the friends of doom. Since what you are serving is collective punishment and injustice at epic proportions. I’ll be a pseudo-intellectual as long as I never represents or supports you kind. Which have no trouble using the arms and guns on civilians, who has no trouble using the Police to create criminals, instead of fighting thieves. As long as you are stealing the future, there will not be better tomorrow. You think you put out statements like this and vindicate yourself?

This isn’t 1986. This is 2018. If you know, you know.

The illdisciplined will come after you and your legacy will forever remembered for how you did this and all the others. All the skeletons and all the hurt you have done. We will not forget. Your as evil as the ones you overthrow back-in-the-day. Peace.


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – ‘We shall not allow violence in elections’ 19.08.2018 link:

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