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Opinion: Why do DP Ruto admire Museveni? – Does he know who he supports?

I am a great supporter of Museveni. Much as Museveni is the president in Uganda, his heart is in the region. His experience is invaluable” (…) “Museveni is our father in the region. He’s very clear on matters of East Africa. I hope Museveni, Uhuru, and other regional leaders can provide us with that opportunity of a Political Federation of EAC” – Deputy President William Ruto at the Young Achievers Awards in Kampala, 18.08.2018).

I am just amazed, that this is happening in the days of detentions, arrests, torture and scandal of epic proportions. That the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto is professing his admiration and fandom over such a tyrant. That Ruto is saying he is a great supporter of Museveni now. Just show how political savvy the man is, but also how little he cares for human rights, justice and rule of law. Not that its shocking, as he himself has attacked the courts, had no problems using the police and army against the public after the Fresh Presidential Election in 2017. Therefore, Ruto has shown his lack of compassion already.

Ruto is the hustler, the land-grabber and the wealth creator for himself. That is why he has village for himself, a farm and dozens of properties. That is why he owns a newspaper, television and whatnot of corporations. Who needs to run businesses, when you can take it all as a politician. That is why he is in government and not in the private sector. Because where else would he gets such vast wealth and so quick.

That is maybe why he looks up to Museveni, who went from being a poor-man with very little, until stealing the kingdom and taking the republic as hostage. Now he can torture, kill and arrest the civilians, the MPs and the ones who are trespassing on his road. Ruto should know this, he should be able to follow the political landscape of Uganda. As it is just across from Busia. We can wonder if he has turned a blind eye, and doesn’t care about the oppression there. Because that just happens to Ugandans and in his eyes, they are not his electorate. So why care?

You can wonder if DP Ruto wants the same militarism, the same junta government and the same lack of tolerance for other views. That is what is happening across the borders. Museveni is showing again and again, how he uses the Special Force Command or the Presidential Guards for a political bargain. Just like he did last year within Parliament. To get his will and his way, to become President and tyrant for life. That is the reality.

So it is weird, but also a worry, that DP Ruto praises this, because if William would get power in Kenya, would he use the same force and the same will to take control of Eldoret and Nairobi? As Museveni has done in Arua and Kampala?

I don’t know where he stands on all matter. But what I do know, is that DP Ruto is conning and will use any opportunity for a political gain. To say otherwise, is to be oblivious to his kind and character. The former walking pastor, the now hustler, will use all tricks in the books to gain advantage. I can wonder why he does this or if this for the long-con. Whatever it is, it is not the time or place to place his support for Museveni. He is showing his misuse of power and hurt towards his own citizens.

DP Ruto should know better, but maybe he has a dream of becoming a dictator and tyrant himself. Peace.

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