A Message to President Museveni: Free Bobi Wine and Free all them MPs!

We know this is how you torture, how you play with people’s lives. Something you have done nonstop since 1980s. You have had the power, but instead of using it good. Your using it for greed. That greed got to stop. We know it and you know it Mr. President. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, you cannot keep Bobi Wine nor any of the other MPs in prison. As well, as all the other opposition members you have detained during the last two weeks. Because there been plenty, even outside of Aura, where all the focus has been. With the likes of Mubarak Munyagwa as well into the mix.

The ones arrested in Aura, and is still detained are Robert Kyagulanyi, Francis Zaake, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru. All of these forged charges should be let go off, as the Presidential Convoy Car was destroyed by professionals and not by stone. Neither, was the guns and ammunition, Bobi Wine’s property, as the UPDF stated, this was weaponary, that the UPDF have monopoly over. Therefore, he couldn’t even get the hold of that. These charges against Bobi Wine is just merciless and shows the intent to silence you strongest critics.

This is what is happening now, they are all on charges of treason, inciting violence and damage of the Presidential Convoy. While the other Munyagwa have not gotten in the headlines, as he has not been part of Wadri campaign team. Like the rest of them. Still, his case and the others matters. As the Special Force Command and the Police has them in custody.

Mr. President you cannot do this, you have no right to keep them. This is a violation of their rights as citizens and who they represent. What you are doing now is criminalizing innocent campaigning, because they have humiliated you.

President Museveni, if your sincere, we know how you do this, as you have done it to plenty in your time. You started the purge on opposition even right after taking power. For long, you pushed for one-party state, but had to give in. Now, Museveni, you are again at it, this time with the youthful and inspiring MP Bobi Wine and fellow allies of him. Last time it was Dr. Kizza Besigye and his comrades. Before that it was Dr. Paul Ssemogerere and his allies. We know this is who you are.

It is a reason why there are demonstrations in Kamwokya for the second day. You have detained their hero and inspiration. There will be more of this, because it is a matter of time, before you have taken it to far. You have already wasted the Bush-War with your lingering in power and using the same tactics as the ones you overthrow. There nothing else now, than your grip of power. The rest is lies and deceptions. Which the people are tired off.

We are just asking for the release of the innocent of MPs, who you have captured and detained at various locations all over the Republic. You have no right to detain them. None.

You we’re the one sending the order for live-bullet in Arua, you we’re the one who sent your Presidential Guards to the streets and you are the one that has put charges on these people’s head. Even when you are the one who ordered the death, the torture and harassment of all the people. All the unknowns in Arua and beyond. That is all on you and your tyranny.

Time to man up and take responsibility, Mr. President. Man up and stop crying foul, when we know that your the one who is in-charge and who is responsible. Peace.

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