The acts towards Bobi Wine: Could happen to all of us, if we challenge the NRM!

Let’s be clear, the Gulu Military Court Martial Order, the days of torture, harassment and detention in unknown location is something the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has done to their biggest threats. In the same fashion, the NRM have acted towards Dr. Kizza Besigye. Therefore, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Are now walking in the shoes of Besigye, in his own way, but the acts of Bobi Wine and his supporters. They are similar in ways, off course different, but working towards the same goal.

That is why the NRM, the authorities and the security organizations acts as vile perpetrators against their enemy. This has happen to Besigye and is now happening to Bobi Wine. Both have gotten tear-gassed, arrested and charged with treason. Now, Hon. Kyagulanyi are air-lifted from Gulu Military Court to Makindye Military Barracks, this is after the charges was put on him.

What we should learn by this, are that what happen last with Besigye in 2015 and 2016, when he went back- and fourth from prison and treason charges, will now be happening to Bobi Wine in 2018. His trials, court cases and government petitions for his crimes, will come in steady order, the cases will be adjourned and pending evidence indefinitely. That is how the NRM has acted towards Besigye, the same will now be repeated with Bobi Wine.

The arbitrary arrests, the house arrests and all the pains the police and security organizations will give Bobi Wine. Is something that we have already seen the NRM done to Besigye. Therefore, we should prepare for similar activity towards the Independent MP and Activist. He will not be carried softly, the regime is now answering with force and forging charges. They are putting on all sort of malice and trying to fix his fate. Therefore, expect Luzira Prison as well. There is where all big-men and politicians with some character ends under the NRM.

Why do I say all this now, as he is airlifted and charged with treason. Put him in the same fashion as Besigye. Because, Besigye isn’t an example, but a proof of what the NRM does, if you challenge them and gain popularity. Now, the same hand is dealt to Bobi Wine.

The NRM picks out anyone who are standing in their way. Right now, that is Bobi Wine, in the past it was Besigye.

In the future. Who knows, it might be you. Peace.

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