Arua By-Election: Did the Special Force Command try to assassinate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine?

We can wonder, what was the plan of the authorities, as the vicious attempt to attack one car in Arua happen earlier today. This is after a report, that the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) – Special Force Command (SPC) did a direct shooting at the car of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in Arua. This has happen today as the Arua By-Election are going to the polls on the 15th July 2018. The SPC, the Presidential Guards and the Police Force have attacked the marches in and around the town. They have used tear-gas and live-bullets in town. This shows how the By-Elections turns into a War-Zone. Today, this has ended in fatal death of the Yasin Kawuma, the driver of Bobi Wine, as the SFC tried to assassinate him.

This election isn’t supposed to be about Bobi Wine, he is there as endorsement of Kassiano Wadri together with former FDC Party President Mugisha Muntu. While today President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have campaigned for the NRM Flag-Bearer Nusura Tiperu. While the FDC have fielded Bruce Musema, who have campaigned together with Kizza Besigye. Therefore, there been three rallies on the final day before the polls. However, all of that fallen short, as the violence has hit Arua.

All of who is winning isn’t important today, as an innocent driver was killed by the Presidential Guards. These are people who came armed and ready, that is why the same security organizations have sealed of the hotel of Bobi Wine. Clearly, the authorities has tried to get rid of him.

This is clearly sending the message, that this by-election are so important, that they will even kill the opposition and their leaders to gain the seat of the deceased honorable Ibrahim Abiriga. I am sure the President will say some random hoodlum or terrorist did this. Promise to put up CCTV camera’s and such. However, the SFC will be untouched, as they killed the driver today.

The NRM cannot get away with this, as the driver was just someone caught randomly, as they went for the car of Bobi Wine. That could have been a political assassination, which haven’t been seen in a while. Even if the assassination of Abiriga was bad, this would have had more ramifications. As Bobi Wine has a standing in the population, while Abiriga was more a lonely fellow within the elite. Even the assassination of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi. Both have been serious and shown how easily big-men can get touched, however, trying to kill Bobi Wine is showing at what level of intimidation the NRM are up too.

This is coming, as Bobi Wine is arrested too. The endless impunity of the NRM and President Museveni isn’t stopped. The authorities knows this and ordered the SFC to attack and take out Bobi Wine. That happened as the opposition supporters was booing at the President during a march and the authorities went hostile. This shows how volatile the President is and how his ego plays out. That his opponents can make he take to arms, because his vision is jaded.

While Museveni are trying to play it out, that opposition members have attacked his car. How is people with stones able to destroy the windows of bullet-proof and tinted windows of his vehicle. There is no way this happen, as the police are arresting opposition leaders as culprits and making the public criminals. This shows how demeaning the President is, as the car of Bobi Wine was targeted, he is a bit lucky to be arrested and not silenced. That shows how little care the President has and how much force he needs to pull, to be able to intimidate and silence the public to get their vote. No vision, no message and no policies, just fear.

We can wonder if the President wanted to assassinate Robert Kyagulanyi, as his driver is now dead. That because the President ordered his Presidential Guards to stop them from marching. There was no mercy, no thought of consequences, just making sure he would overcome this nightmare of political opponent. The easiest way would be to assassinate him. Peace.

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