Arua By-Election: Couldn’t the Opposition muster someone better than Wadri?

Well, it will be a race between the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Nusura Tiperu candidate and independent candidate Kasiano Wadri. This is the Arua Municipality By-Election that will happen on the 15th August, as the contested seat of late Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga is for the taking.

This means that the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) own person will step aside, this is the upcoming Bruce Musema. The vital change happens after Justice Forum, Democratic Party and Bobi Wine agreed upon this. The FDC have clearly folded after what happen in Bugiri Municipality, as former Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu have already started to campaign from Wadri. There are clearly tensions in the air and the obvious outcome. Muntu clearly favored someone outside his previous party, than throwing his weight in favor of Musema. That is really showing lack of loyalty, btu that is to be expected these days. Abed Bwanika was also apart of the people who went in support of Wadri, as well as Norbert Mao, therefore, the DP is heavily invested in the candidate. As they need the result to prove their worth.

Nusura Tiperu is running a campaign of continuing the “Late Abiriga’s Agenda”, however if that will stick or be the reason for her victory, who knows, as the Electoral Commission, the Police Force and the NRM are usually busy rigging elections in their favor. Even as the Joint Opposition Candidate Wadri, will still battle hard, as he is not as viable as Musema might have been. This can really be shooting itself in the foot, as Tiperu might look much smarter, than Wadri ever will be.

Because if Wadri didn’t have the Democratic Party, Bobi Wine and Bwanika behind him. Would he even mattered in concern with Musema? That is the question we can now put. This questions are viable and it is just days ahead of the polls. That is not a sign of strength, but of weakness.

Tiperu couldn’t have gotten a better bargain, as she has to rally against weak Joint Candidate, instead of several Opposition Flag-Bearers. If the Opposition would have been smart, they had put Musema forward as it would have a younger and viable candidate, not an older character like Wadri. Tiperu doesn’t even need lots of big-men around her to win this. She has an advantage and she didn’t do crap about it. This is the own making of the opposition itself.

If your making a joint candidate, you put the best one you have, not the second best or the lucky loser, but you put up someone that you can actually believe in. That is not Wadri. Wadri is not believable, that Bwanika and Bobi Wine, even Muntu is up to something. That is clear, but the vindication of their political bargain, might be a cold cup of tea and not a drink you enjoy.

Wadri is the former Terego County MP, who lost in 2016, therefore, he is already and not a strong one. They are moving him to another district, but his person is still the same. He has already lost one to the NRM. What stops him from that happening again, the mystical powers of Bobi Wine?

We have to see, but Wadri shouldn’t be the one, in this one Musema should have, but maybe after the Bugiri Municipality, the FDC are throwing their weight behind as they were under-fire to field their own. But this time, it would have made sense, because will someone who lost to NRM. He has already had 4 terms in Parliament. There should be someone without entitlement to run.

However, that is what Arua is getting from the opposition. They are fielding a failed, career politician whose time is up. If he bounces back its because of mercy, not because of his swagger. Peace.

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