Opinion: Are we seeing an original FDC split? – Into two Parliamentary Groups?

Just as things merger for a political outcome, things can also dismantle for the same reason. That is maybe something we are seeing these days, as the new leadership inside the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is splitting the party, as the hardliners and the ones who are more favorable working with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) are separating. There been two fractions, the ones who stood by Gen. Mugisha Muntu and the ones who are now behind newly elected Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Therefore, this fraction has appeared ever since the last election of the FDC Party President.

Now that POA has taken his first major leadership move inside the party, there seemingly quick to address and show their allegiance. They are not working with the party, but already showing their attitude and lack of serving their party, even their constituents, as they are more into their committee roles and perks. Than actually thinking, that these are allocated by their respective parties and not because of entitlement.

Reported meeting at Fang Fang:

The fired Leader of Opposition, Winnie Kiiza and 28 other Members of Parliament on the Forum for Democratic Change ticket are said to have resolved to form a separate entity at Parliament. Sources are telling us the MPs, who sat at Fang Fang Hotel Kampala for up to 6 hours last night, decided to cautiously detach from FDC leadership in Najjankumbi, mobilize other opposition parties and leaning independent colleagues to establish a significant numerical opposition power house targeting over 70 members” (…) ““We have decided to come up with a separate entity in the house for all opposition members and independent leaning MPs,” one of the sources who attended the meeting told us. ChimpReports has learnt that, the 29 FDC MPs will immediately withdraw the Shs 500,000 monthly contributions to the party” (Dickens H. Okello – ‘Winnie Kiiza and Team to End FDC Ties, Form Parallel Group’ 08.08.2018 link: https://chimpreports.com/winnie-kiiza-and-team-to-end-fdc-ties-form-parallel-group/).

Extract from Statement by Winne Kiiza:

Allow me to thank the FDC party under the leadership of, Gen. (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha MUNTU for the opportunity they gave me to serve my country. It is one I will never regret. It is some opportunity that saw us move strides together for a common and a better tomorrow. I would like in a special way to thank my colleagues from all opposition parties in the 10th Parliament. Equally, those in the NRM who stood with me and supported the voice of reason when the situation demanded” (Winnie Kiiza, 08.08.2018).

What I am thinking when reading this are we going back in time before the 2006 elections, when the FDC hadn’t been established and was negotiations between two parliamentary groups named Reform Agenda (RA) and Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO), even some of the gentlemen who was apart of these units are in the midst of these movements today. This is Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Reagan Okumu, Odonga Otto and so on. These people are still in the mix and playing this out.

Are these now playing their cards to answer back to Besigye or are they trying to figure out a new way. Because the old merger didn’t play out as they wanted? Now that their fraction are now loosing and their loyalty to Muntu is making them looking weak inside the FDC. As the POA is putting his stamp on the organization.

Since, there is sources of an informal FDC spilt within the Parliament, are the PAFO sort of organization opening and becoming a new party for the 2021. That will be official in 2020. If so, than we might see Muntu running it, even if he screams: “Country before Self” every time he can. Surely, he does not like being in the shadow of Besigye and POA. Who like being pushed to the side, when you have worked for a long time as a Party President.

However, this is just speculations, I expected when POA won the Presidency, that Gen. Muntu would start on his own. Now, that his allegiance of people are starting their own parallel parliament group. This is the marsh towards 2021 elections. Clearly, this could be the next move for him to join these 27 MPs and try to get another position as he is a fringe candidate within the FDC. As these people are already stopping to associate themselves with the party.

That is why we are seeing another Reform Agenda Versus Parliamentary Advocacy Forum in the 10th Parliament. The FDC is established, but with the loss of 27 MPs, these are really showing the force right now. But if the voters will be so forgiving, that is another scenario. Time will tell and if these people still have suction at all or if they will fall back, as there is always some who goes back in the needs of campaign. To get the needed support and machine behind them.

This is not a positive move, it is only doing justice to the wish of Museveni. Who wished to destroy the opposition after the 2016 General Election. Just as he has skirmished in the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), he can continue to purge the opposition with the Parallel FDC Parliament Group, who he surely can drop envelopes to secure the needed votes in the Parliament.

Let see how this goes or if the rebellion will even become something of power or if they are falling flat with time. Nevertheless, this is a victory for Museveni. As he has possibly put the FDC in pre-2006 state, where it was two fractions.

Therefore we have FDC and FDC Parallel, which is two different entities. Clearly, to make sure the party are weaken. Because by the election of 2016, the party had 36 MPs. This means if all of the 26 MPs are leaving 10 MPs, but there was 10 Independent at that time, so if it is 10 independent plus 16 MPs. Means that there are left 20 MPs who are loyal to the case. It is still a big defeat, but shows the marginalization of the FDC in parliament. The numbers have changed with by-elections, so there would be a few more FDC MPs, but the damage is still severe.

Now, its just have to play out. Peace.

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