Opinion: I didn’t know the MDC could order the army? – ZANU-PF charges them for doing so!

The winners of the 30th July 2018 polls have been the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and also their incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa who also win another term. But like so many other sham elections, they have to go on assault on the opposition to legitimize their own existence.

Because now the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC Alliance) are under siege by the Zimbabwe Republican Police, who has put charges on 26 MDC Officials. This after the authorities ordered the army to quell demonstrations, which was fatal, the day after a shut-down of the streets and announcement of the Presidential Election. Finally, now mere days after making them criminal, as they are the arch enemy of the state for running against the ZANU-PF. Even as the Army had rifles and killed civilians demonstrating, still, they are roaming free; while the MDC is charged.

Police confirmed arresting 26 suspected MDC Alliance officials yesterday following the violent clashes in Harare on Wednesday which injured several people after the army used live ammunition to break the ugly demonstrations against alleged bias by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and delays in the release of Monday poll results. At the same time, police said it had obtained a warrant to search for grenades, firearms, ammunition and computers at the MDC headquarters” (Fungi Kwaramba & Jeffrey Muvundusi – ‘Crackdown on opposion MDC leaders’ 04.08.2018 link: http://nehandaradio.com/2018/08/03/crackdown-on-opposion-mdc-leaders/).

If you feel the pain of innocent civilians dying and the opposition is being automatically put as suspects, even as the most easily seen suspects are the ones pulling out on the streets with guns. Which was the army and the soldiers, not the civilians demonstrating a sham election. However, to able to silence the population and also stops voices of reason; they have to charge the opposition and put them on trial.

That is what is happening and the formula isn’t new, this is a usual way of securing an illegitimate government. This is an ordinary post-election paradigm, especial after a fatal demonstrations, where the culprits is the ones sending the orders and being in charge, but putting the blame on the opposition instead. Who was unarmed and was just mere civilians. That is what is happening.

If the ZANU-PF thinks they are wise with this, they are not, they are playing themselves and making a mockery out of rule of law. Where they have the guns, where they have the power and where they are besieging the public space. The narrow space is freedom is disappearing and it happens fast. While the charges is going on the MDC Alliance offices has been raided and the proof of the idle ignorance of justice is appearing.

That ZANU-PF is illegitimate is in the acts of how they govern, if they were honest and truthful, they wouldn’t haven’t acted in this fashion. However, they appearance is more of Mugabeism’s than anything. Mnangagwa is filling his void and Operation Restore Legacy is to damage and destroy the opposition. Just like his master wanted too.

It isn’t beautiful, it is tragic and shows the disgraceful attempt of heist. Steal a republic and blame the other guy. That is what is happening, they are robbing the public and doing it by the barrel of the gun. If you think things better, you get wrong, the civil liberties will be violated and Mnangagwa will be the Supreme Overlord! Peace.

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