Katumbi is in a sea of trouble!

Moise Katumbi, the Presidential Candidate in Exile, which is slated to return back to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is in a loads of trouble, even his home province, Haut-Katanga and Lubumbashi , the Mayor have denied his entry. This is happening as there are still orders from the Attorney General Flory Kabange Numbi have put in an order to arrest him. This for allegations of hiring mercenaries and other criminal activity. Therefore, when he arrives and possibly lands in the DRC. The Authorities will detain him on the charges and significantly silence him.

So the biggest challenger to the current leadership in the DRC, could when he returns from exile become a random criminal and state property. Wonder if the same would have happen if Felix Tshisekedi would return from exile. Because both of these two are the main challengers. Already, have Jean-Pierre Bemba arrived and registered himself a candidate for the supposed election this December 2018. Why I say supposed, is there been scheduled elections since 2016 and never ceased to appear. So, I lack of faith concerning CENI and the will of Joseph Kabila to be succeeded.

Katumbi are vilified by the authorities and that is shown by all now. That is evident as the news of his arrest when returning to campaign for the up-coming ghost-election, where we don’t know if Kabila will re-run or make some sort of play. Since he is keeping silence … and just trying to play it out. While holding all grips to power and not letting anyone else have the upper-hand.

I am not shocked by this news, the Ensemble would be in trouble, because they are top-challenger and totally different from the current stalemate in Kinshasa. There are nothing showing that Kabila or allies planning to swiftly depart or give another leader the possibility to become President. The government are still all surrounded by loyalists of Kabila and nothing else seem visible.

Therefore, Tshisekedi and Katumbi, are both people who are troublemakers for Kabila, because they stark contrast to him. Bemba is his former Vice-President and he knows how to co-operate with him. That is maybe why Kabila have let him and accept his return after 10 years in prison in Europe.

Who knows, what is up next and what will happen, but Katumbi will not have soft landing. He will be called out for everything, we can even anticipate treason charges and such. Because that is what illegitimate government does. They will take the ones and try to destroy the ones who comes in good faith and tries to secure a peaceful transition. While doing what they can to corrupt the greedy.

Kabila is not playing and he will not give up power easily. That is why he is still there on throne and no one else is in sight. Peace.

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