Opinion: ZEC busy cooking and ZANU-PF winning, while they are warning the Opposition!

Not, that I am in any doubt of the results, seemingly the announced winners of Members of Parliament are mostly Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), whose has slammed these elections. Therefore, if the MP elections are a warning of what to come, than the ruling regime are getting the Executive like it has since 1980. However, there indications of other results and for the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) Nelson Chamisa. That is why the government have issued an order, that the public are not allowed to announce results.

That way this is done now, is to force people to accept the results from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the appointed men from Zanu-PF. That being people loyal to the cause and maybe even Operation Restore Legacy, therefore, the cause might be to re-elect and make sure President Emmerson Mnangagwa is legitimate. I have already questioned the long awaited result, as it was officially to announced on the 4th August 2018. FIVE Whole days from the polls, which is amazingly long in the life of a politician and longer for major Presidential Candidates. It is like slow boiling it and hoping you don’t burn the stew.

Why I am extra worry, when the government sponsored and run newspaper print this today:

GOVERNMENT has warned political parties and individuals to desist from the unlawful announcement of results of yesterday’s 2018 harmonised election results as this is a serious offence and they risks arrest. This was said by Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Dr Obert Mpofu this evening. Dr Mpofu’s pronouncement comes after MDC Alliance principals Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti turned to social media and press conferences to announce that they have won the elections. Section 66A of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) outlaws the unofficial or false announcement of poll results. Announcements of official results are a prerogative of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission” (The Herald, 31.07.2018).

It is like the ZEC and ZANU-PF doesn’t under stand this, as they have blocked the V11 Forms to be published today, showing the official results from the polling stations. This to make sure the citizens can crunch the numbers together with civil society organizations and opposition parties can go through the counted ballots. It doesn’t help that the Police are sending water-canons to Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare. This is all just suspicious and also divert the attention from the reality on the ground.

The lateness and distorted way of announcing the results are not making it better. There are questions opening up, I am still boggled that the ZEC used another voter roll, than the ones they delivered to the parties before the elections. It is like they have hidden something from them. To ensure their final verdict for announcement. If they had done it all within the bounds, it wouldn’t be questionable and would be fair. Instead, all the issues are weird, as the ZEC are continuing pushing numbers that are fitting the ZANU-PF. Seemingly, like always they are getting most seats and positions, just like under the Goblin.

The only difference, is some of the names and that MDC are getting some pieces… but not anything substantial. Just like Mugabe’s new party – NPF got one MP as well, because why not, right?

All numbers and all MPs seems to be fitted for another term of supremacy, this isn’t child’s play. We can just wonder what sort of numbers they are cooking, because the momentum of MDC seems to be scratched away, like it was lie, but these numbers might be lies. Because the ZANU-PF and ZEC are telling only to believe their numbers and only their announcements. Not ask or check others who has crunched the numbers. That is a worrying sign and could show the next level.

The tiredness of ZANU-PF, shouldn’t give them a giant slam and secure the Parliament, however it does. That just doesn’t make sense, neither did the Bond-Notes, but they still gave the public that too.

Let see how this goes, but just hours after the polls and the doubts of just play is in the air and within reason. This just make it all sounds like weird and like we are repeating other hopeful times. Where the hope of rallies and campaigns have been there for the opposition, but when the election comes. All results still fits like a glove for the ZANU-PF. That is how today seems and we have been here before. This isn’t the first nor the last election where this will happen.

ZANU-PF controlled ZEC and didn’t reform electoral laws before the election. This was made to secure their place and their majority. The proof is in the pudding. Just taste the bitter-sweet treat and hope you doesn’t vomit later. Peace.

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