Opinion: We now have the Long Wait to the 4th August 2018 for the Presidential Results!

There will be a long awaited result, as we are now waiting to the 4th August. That is when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) shall announce the winner of the Presidential Election. The first one since the coup in November 2017. That means it takes 5 days for the ZEC to validate the ballots and secure the results from all parts of Zimbabwe. That is a long time.

That opens up the question, as the Voter Roll changed and was never shown, the lacking quality of the ballot paper has also been told to the Press. Combined with the 1 % of voters turned away from the Polling Stations. The good news that the public didn’t meet intimidation or violence this time around.

There are big questions, there will be a lot of speculation and if the preliminary results will be right or the ones announced will be different. That is what you can wonder. When it takes such a long time to announce, you start to question the ZEC.

As we can hope the reality will be positive and hope not for rigging, but you get insecure, when the ZEC have so long time and made sure they have allocated that to themselves. That is what I am worrying about.

I hope I am terribly wrong and that the positive indications are working in favor of the power of the people, that the general feedback are positive, even if there are some places where the old practices are happening. Like Polling Station Officials telling voters to not look at counting and not wait for he official result from the Polling Station. Just like earlier report of lost Polling Stations and also some bribery of giving rice and other goodies to the voters. That shouldn’t be happening, but still has occurred.

We can just hope, that the tight knit race between ZANU-PF and MDC-Alliance will end well, not in violence or relentless politics that even more destructive, but the ZEC should have secured the big questions and delivered results as quickly as it could. This just seems deliberate to configure the numbers in favor of someone.

We can just pray for ending well, as the campaign has been peaceful, even with minor incidents of violence between camps. But nothing like in the past. There are hope and good spirit in the air. Let’s hope ZEC delivers and not only gives the public false hope of possible change.

It is now Post-Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Let’s hope that his ghosts doesn’t roam in the institutions and take control just to favor Emmerson Mnangagwa, but what the public want in general. If that is Nelson Chamisa, let that happen and not rig the numbers. Peace.

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