24 hours truce breaks before the polls: Addressing the fire-ball message from the Goblin!

The power of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwean politics is now proven. Why I say that is because, both key candidates for the Presidency, for tomorrow the 30th July 2018 polls, have both suddenly addressed the public.

On the holiday, the day-before-the-day. The First Post-Mugabe vote, that suddenly have become all about the ousted President of last year. Without any concern, he threw his views, and opinions like hot-air. This was like a bait and all candidates ate it. They took a spoon of the venom and ate it. Instead of acting decent, both Nelson Chamisa of Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) and Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

Today, Mugabe held a presser, a sudden un-announced one at the Blue-Roof, where he trolled the candidates, which for some reason put them in pickle. This happen in such a swift action, that MDC-Alliance was calling in their own Press Conference, even breaking the electoral codes to do so. Than, after the Chamisa had held his presser, the incumbent President Mnangagwa made his video message. It is like they both had intent to break the code. Both did, ZEC have already announced to turn in Chamisa, will they do that to Mnangagwa too? That would be justice or the Junta not turning on itself?

Here of the surprising statements from both candidates, first Chamisa, before Mnangagwa!

Chamisa today:

We’ve told all our people be ready to defend your vote, ready to secure your vote, more importantly God is in it. This is a crucial election, it is a do or die, it’s not about the past but it’s about the future. It’s not about Mr Mugabe, he’s not on the ballot. It’s about these candidates’ appeal to all the citizens to have a vote if anything. My biggest task is to make sure that I unite this nation. I will not waste my time going into the internal fights within ZANU-PF. There is lost of trust in ZANU-PF, but look I have my party to take care of and I have the country to take care of.” (SABC – ‘Chamisa confident of victory’ 29.07.2018, Link:


I will accept any voter with a clear mind and a clean heart. I need every support. But this election is not about the past. it’s about the future. I will meet any citizen…but there is no room for Grace Mugabe….I say to her…leave me alone. Deal with your own man” (…) “These foreigners are actually fake news mercenaries. Their duty is to concoct, manufacture, engineer and produce fictitious and fallacious videos, news stories and then send them out to you, send them out to the world to confuse the voters. We have the names of those people and at the appropriate time we will release them” (…) “We are not open to looting. Any skullduggery will not be accepted, victory was certain. Any outcome of the election with ED (Mnangagwa) as the victor is not an election. We know what people want, and we will confirm the will of the people” – Nelson Chamisa at Press Conference on the 29th July 2018 (Peta Thornycroft – ‘ Chamisa accepts #Mugabe endorsement, slams ‘fake news mercenaries’ 29.07.2018 link: https://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/chamisa-accepts-mugabe-endorsement-slams-fake-news-mercenaries-16308285).

Mnangagwa today:

Now that it is clear to all that Chamisa have forged a deal with Mugabe. We can no longer believe his intentions are to transform Zimbabwe and rebuild our nation. The choice is clear, you either vote for Mugabe under the guise of Chamisa or you vote for a New Zimbabwe under my leadership and the ZANU-PF. Real change is coming! We should all be a part of it. God Bless Zimbabwe” – Emmerson Mnangagwa Video Message on 29th July 2018.

It is like they both know this perfectly well, but are working hard to spin it. Everyone knows that Mugabe is toxic these days and knowingly, they want to distance themselves from him. That is why Mnangagwa are saying what he is, even if he has been second in command for years and worked directly under Mugabe. If anyone was working for and held the cup for Mugabe, it was Mnangagwa until he was fired last year. Than, he took revenge and toppled him. Still, Mnangagwa has a career because of Mugabe and learned his tricks. If he doesn’t get a report by the same Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), like Chamisa have earlier today, than the ZEC is proving what we have been saying all along. That they are loyal stooges of ZANU-PF and works for them, not for the Republic.

Mnangagwa broke the same code and Chamisa with this press conference. That they would say this in the final hours before the polls is flabbergasting. It is really like a bad political flick of twist and turns that doesn’t make sense. They are both playing this backwards, instead of looking forward.

This is just way to nervous and lack of tact from all parties. That the trolling of Mugabe was this effective, that he put them both in a tailspin and forgetting the day of truce: “no campaign, message or advert on the day before the polls, 24 hours of Peace” code, shows the power of the voice and message of Mugabe. That both Chamisa and Mnangagwa broke it. That Chamisa started the ball after Mugabe isn’t that important, he shouldn’t have used this way of addressing the public. He should have remained silent. Mnangagwa should have done the same. Both look like lucky losers and Mugabe looks like he pulled the rabbit out of the hat, proven his power is still there.

These two things proves that and the worry it creates by the candidates. The words and manner of it all, is not what you wish. Especially just in the last minute before the polls. Both should have shown strength and been silent. Instead, they both been bullied by the Goblin. They have been played by a 94 year old retired dictator.

That is not strength, but weakness by both candidates. Nothing good, but mere speculations are coming out of this. Also that ZEC Acting Chief Elections Officer, Mr Utoile Silaigwana, reports Mnangagwa as well, since they both broke the codes. That is if there is any justice in Zimbabwe. Peace.

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