Mugabe just had to do his final trolling before the polls!

Just as you thought there wasn’t enough Robert Mugabe in the first election without him. He comes from the Blue Roof like phoenix arises from the ashes. Instead of being humble as he is breathing and living well in the mansion of choice. He still bickers over the November Coup of 2017. Like he shouldn’t be happy that it was a bloodless coup in 2017. As the Harmonized Elections are happening tomorrow and the no-campaign is happening today. He had to break the silence and show his words to the public. The Grand Old Dictator, the man who used force and used the state against people, had to complain and troll the public another time.

There is no vindication, he has enriched himself and indulged himself on the state for 37 years, while people have been living in massive poverty, he has been living lavish. Therefore, I have hard time accepting his complaint. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) was based around him and his whims. That is why the Mnangagwa administration is still following his principals and not really changed since November 2017.

The man who built it like that since 1980, should be a little more careful, if the state is rotten and the lack of transparency is there, it is because he built it like that. That the Mnangagwa has only put a few sprinkles on it, but he hasn’t reformed it yet. Reforms is a slow process. Therefore, I won’t blame him directly, but he should have tried more to be believable at this point. There should be more

Extract from the Press Conference today from Open Parliament Zimbabwe on Twitter:

I thought l should invite as many voices as possible just to hear my own feelings. We had since November an environment in our country which was far from being free, even politically. The very person they said they wanted to protect was whom they removed. They will tell that l resigned. And when l resigned and l said l have done so in order to avoid blood shed. Why did they do this (Coup) in order to secure a leadership position for one person. Was there no better route? He was going to resign in December 2017 and open up our system. I had in mind to support a candidate. I had in mind Dr Sekeramayi. Thabo Mbeki asked me who l wanted to take over l said l think Dr Sekeramayi would be my choice. I was going to argue at that congress to choose him (Sekeramayi). ED could have argued as well that he deserves to be chosen. Well that did not happen. All the nonsense that the president wanted to leave his wife after his resignation. All the nonsense that Perence Shiri told the Tanzanians is utter nonsense. I was sacked from the party l founded. I was regarded now as an enemy. But if the coup was to protect me how come l am treated now as an opponent of those in government, the new government. Persons are not allowed to visit me. If anyone came and was allowed to pass through the gates. Afterwards they are asked what did he say. Relatives were harrased properties taken from them why? Cases nonsensical cases completely absurd where raised against them. Why arrest, harass relatives? Decisions are taken on the basis of who is my friend, who is my relative. Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao are said to be the leaders of the G40. Have we become savages, terrorists to ourselves. The tanks that rolled across the country who was their enemy? I said NO. I still say NO. This was wrong. This is the greatest injustice we have done to ourselves. Is this now the Zimbabwe that has become soo undemocratic…in its actions. Let the people go and vote. Let them go and vote freely and l am glad even ED people will be allowed to vote freely. I cannot vote for those who have tormented me. No l can’t, I will make my choice among the other 22, I worked with mai Mujuru, l worked with mai Khupe, Nelson Chamisa seems do be doing well based by his rallies. Whoever wins. I wish him well. This is what l regard as the greatest event that should happen, will reform, will thrust away military form of government and bring us back to constitutionality. We must have a democratic constitution. That is what we fought for. The peoples freedom first. We had that freedom after 1980. The peoples freedom to speak, organize themselves as they liked, to go about freely in their country. To feel free. Now at present people are terribly frightened. terribly frightened l tell you. Now its the gun directing politics. There should be a big no to guns directing politics. Shall we see the return of the same rule we experienced since November. I say in advance Congratulations to which soever party wins the day and let us accept that verdict. Let us all pray that tomorrow brings us good news. I believe that good news to everyone is that we get our freedom back” (Robert Mugabe, 29.07.2018).

I just stopped caring to copy extracts, when he started bitching and whining like a spoiled brat over his blue roof and his pension. Than, I gave up on the old man. Just got to be honest.

However, let me comment on his words, which I feel we have too. He is speaking of freedom and harassment, his regime was vindictive and was a pure dictatorship; where activists suddenly gone and never returned. There have been plenty of people who suddenly behind bars, police brutality and made demonstrations illegal under his rule. There are so many people who has been hurt by the rule of Mugabe. Therefore, he should not say the current one is bad. As this has not occurred since he left power. There are still indications of misuse of power from the Zanu-PF, but not to level where demonstrations and where rallies are attacked by the police or the army.

Mugabe might feel violated, but the scores and thousands of people he has hurt in his rule. He should be happy he is not behind bars. His dictatorship was unreasonable and not needed today. Mugabe, should be silent and just drop his ballot. The promise of freedom of 1980, was not there and that is why so many of the others has lingered and been activists battling his regime.

Mugabe killed democracy and consolidated all power with him. That should never be forgotten, all the military misuse, the North Korean trained brigades killing civilians under his orders. The military attacking demonstrators and the courts detaining opposition.

Mnangagwa isn’t perfect, he was his helper and his second in command. The man now running the show and not behind the scenes. Him together with the army took power from Mugabe, that was the only way Mugabe would step down. All other elections have been rigged in favor of Mugabe.

Tomorrow, might be different, but Zanu-PF is still Zanu-PF. MDC-Alliance might have momentum, they have had that before and it haven’t mattered. The army and the state reserves are in the hand of Mnangagwa and not Chamisa. Who knows, the entitled regime might linger on.

Mugabe can complain, but he has no right too. He should be happy and silent. He is breathing fresh air in a mansion and he is not in bracelets. Peace.

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