Opinion: Chamisa should have swayed away from Mugabe!

Robert Mugabe is a citizen of Zimbabwe, former president, the president of the first republic who is going to hand over to the second president of the republic – myself here, present.” Nelson Chamisa on the Final Rally before the Vote today, 28th July 2018.

It is like the 15th November 2017, the end of the long dictatorship of Mugabe is sort of pointless, even after his end. He trolls the political landscape and make sure to make the elections more interesting, than they need to be. Robert Mugabe shouldn’t matter in politics today, but he does because he interferes and the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance, Presidential Candidate Nelson Chamisa bring him back to the table.

This is gold goose for the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Even though the he has been his second in command and helper for the last 37 years, still it will be golden brownie points to see and hear this. Especially in the final stages before the polls. You cannot make this up.

I don’t understand Chamisa, he should celebrate and fight the continued struggle of Morgan Tsvangirai, the fight to end the dictatorship of Mugabe. Not use his endorsement and be the bearer of his legacy now. It is not like the MDC have been in favor of Mugabe, they have worked against him. The Zanu-PF could have had more use of it, since they are his party and is his second in commands. The people in and around Mnangagwa is still the ones who worked closely with Mugabe.

The coup d’etat in November, might changed the President and the VP, but the same leadership is based on what Mugabe built and that is what Mnangagwa inherited. The political landscape is like when he left. There might been more peaceful campaigns, might been an inch more open and little progress, but not to the level of transparency and where Zanu-PF have lost any control. Therefore, the election might be without the direct army control and intimidation, but the Zanu-PF still owns the institutions and the opposition might struggle on the day of the polls.

These sort of statements and usage of Mugabe is weird from the MDC-Alliance. Chamisa should know better, this is not a positive, it is a negative. It is vindictive to his own cause, it is not making him look like a grown politician or outsmart tactician. It make him look like a stooge and pawn, instead of a leader of the future. He should disown and disengage Mugabe.

No sane man, miss the days of Mugabe, just like it has been the Mugabe 2.0 under Mnangagwa. Some more scarfs, some more positive signs, but a lot like the good old days under Mugabe. Chamisa could have played more on it. Instead, its like he blindly like to go into a trap. He should have dismissed it and made a fool out of himself.

The cheers and joys of toppling him, seems like forgotten by Chamisa, he just want the added strength, that Mugabe still have, but will it though?

Chamisa, for me this is a rookie mistake and the Zanu-PF will pound on it, even if it just barely hours left before the polls. That is because he opened a can of worms. How that might sting, who knows, but clearly not words of wisdom.

Mnangagwa can this and will, even if he the old-guard, the ones keeping the legacy of Mugabe and acting kind of like him. Chamisa should use that, not speak of endorsement and friendly. That train should have been past this November.

However, that is not how it went. Let see how this plays out. This is not brilliant, but more headache and worry, as the outcome are most likely rigged in favor of Mnangagwa, because ZEC is owned by the party. Nevertheless, the reality is that if your trying to prove a point and be different than Zanu-PF, why be positive about the man entrapping society for 37 years?

That bothers me and shouldn’t be acceptable, if your a candidate that is against the old regime and the current one. It just doesn’t make sense to me. That is just it. Peace.

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