Opinion: Kagame will never become the next Madiba!

The respected newspaper from South Africa Mail & Guardian published a story this week on the 17th July 2018, written by Chude Jideonwo called ‘Kagame could be the next Mandela ― if he steps down’; I will beg to differ. Because Nelson Mandela is a hero and righteously so. Mandela was a revolutionary and a leader who led his movement peacefully from apartheid to Multi-Party Democracy in South Africa. He was jailed for his beliefs and his actions as a leader in the African National Congress. There is nothing in the way of Mandela, that is similar to Paul Kagame.

I don’t know what went through the mind of Mr. Jideonwo, but me and him is not on the same wavelength. For one simple reason, Paul Kagame is a villain and a vicious general in sheep’s cloths. He comes in peace and speaks with flattering words, but the actions in the dark is vindictive and fatal. That is not similar to what Mandela did in any fashion.

Kagame has raised civil war within Rwanda, he has killed opponents and detained opposition leaders indefinitely. There are nothing he will not do to stay in power. He is even uses proxy war in Democratic Republic of Congo. Where he has since 1994 used militias to control mineral and resources in the Kivu provinces for lucrative exports. This he has done, while he also been part of getting rid of two Presidents for securing a puppet in Kinshasa.

Therefore, Kagame is more of a War-Lord, than of someone of the stature of Mandela. Kagame is the ones that trigger elections and making sure to get as close as possible to a 100 %. Mandela trusted the people and didn’t install fear, didn’t use the military or the state to force his following. They followed Mandela because they believed in his cause and the need for the rainbow nation.

However, Kagame would use intimidation and fear, he will consolidate all power within his reach and just use posh words to look good, but behind close doors orders others to stop. That is why I don’t ever see Kagame in the same vein as Mandela. Is someone I aspire to learn from and understand his mindset. But with Kagame, I don’t even want to touch the evil behind his CV. Kagame might have over time delivered good numbers and also a good public persona. Nevertheless, his activity, his attitude and what he really has done is to take all power.

Kagame has used the weapon to gain power, Mandela used the force of good to gain the same power. He didn’t overstay, he didn’t force himself on people, he made a difference and that will be everlasting. What Kagame will be remembered for all the ghosts he created, the people who has lost their lives because of his orders and also the families who has been separated because of his reign. That is not what Mandela ever did.

That is why it is insulting to compare him to Kagame. Kagame is genius manipulator, but a merciless War-Lord behind closed doors. He might talk with beautiful TED-Talks and have marvelous PR Stunts out of this world, but don’t be fooled. Kagame has ruled with an iron fist and with bullets. Not with peace and mercy, he did not speak of dialogue or even inch of pragmatic sense for the betterment of the Republic. No, his acts has of violence and intimidation. That is a far-cry from what Mandela ever did and that why its an insult to compare Mandela to Kagame.

I hope that Mail & Guardian, that it wise-up, because this sort of piece make your mind boggle. I thought the guys of Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) was there keep things on tap. He has a sound mind, how could he let this one pass him by? Maybe, they are in summer vacation mode? Peace.

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