Ethiopia-Eritrea: A New Era between the Nations Started Today!

Today is yet another historical day on the Horn of Africa. Just as the yesterday meeting was big enough. There was no paperwork and just a touch of hope, today, the Eritrean government and the Ethiopian government have signed peaceful declaration. They have declared peace. The war started on the May 6th 1998 is officially over now at the 9th July 2018. That is 20 years of warfare, cease-fires and skirmishes. Hopefully, that both parties can follow the agreement and enrich them, as the brotherhood can now grow together, instead of fighting them.

Today is a great day.

The governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea have reached the following joint agreement which reflects the desires and aspirations of their peoples:-

1. The state of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea has come to an end. A new era of peace and friendship has been opened.

2. The two governments will endeavor to forge intimate political, economic, social, cultural and security cooperation that serves and advances the vital interests of their peoples;

3. Transport, trade and communications links between the two countries will resume; diplomatic ties and activities will restart;

4. The decision on the boundary between the two countries will be implemented.

5. Both countries will jointly endeavor to ensure regional peace, development and cooperation.

Both governments express their gratitude to all friends of Eritrea and Ethiopia and call on them to redouble their solidarity and support” ( – ‘Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship between Eritrea and Ethiopia’ 09.07.2018).

Now, the diplomacy and the borders are opened, the countries has over night nearly decided to change their ways. That Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali and President Isaias Afwerki have suddenly changed the structure. 20 years of fighting and bickering are maybe over. Especially if the Algiers Agreement is followed now, that Ethiopia is giving up Badme, That would be a humiliating thing to do for the TPLF. Clearly, the PM are using his powers for good.

The Eritrean government has gotten a lot and also a closer partner, if they both are planning to hold this declaration and honor it.

Let’s hope that this is the real step towards peace and development between the brothers. Not more warfare and more skirmishes, create trust and build on the richness of both nations. Where the can make the Horn Peaceful, nation by nation and conflict by conflict. That Eritrea and Ethiopia are declaring peace, is a great news.

We can hope this will be manifested, that we will see Badme returned to Eritrea and that the militarized becomes commercial customs border and not closed. This might open Eritrea up and make more information leak not only into Ethiopia, but the world as whole. So the reality of the dictatorship comes more into the light. But the last piece, is only something we can hope is reaction and a bonus for the peace between the brothers of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

This is another historical day in our life-time. That is worth celebrating. Cheers! Peace.

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