Brexit: Brexiteers leaving for Bristol, because they are not able to negotiate with Brussels!

Today, has been a hectic day, first David Davis resigned, than Boris Johnson and two more Parliamentary Private Secretaries have also resigned. All of these are ready to leave their offices because of the weekends chequers agreement was supposed to make it easier for the Tories to make a White Paper to deliver the European Union. Where the negotiations and the progress for Withdrawal from the EU could practically move forward.

Now that two major Brexiteers have left the ship, the others are just more spoilers of loyal ones wanting the hard-Brexit. Even if that is foolish, as the United Kingdom is hurting own business over the political game played, instead of thinking of the long-term consequences. It is ironic that Johnson says the UK could end up as a ‘Colony’ of the EU.

That is ironic as the biggest colonizer on planet earth was the United Kingdom, that why they have their “friendly” queened controlled Commonwealth to still steer the trade and policies in the former colonies. Therefore, Johnson should be careful what he wish for.

The UK could have avoided all of this, the Tories could have been consistent, however, they have been unstable and erratic. The Tories has mocked protocol and clarity. The UK government and their Department of Exiting the European Union (DexEU) could have delivered more policies and plans for negotiations with the EU. Tories could have been proper that way, but the EU have been more open and transparent. Something usually they are disregarded and questioning from their authorities. However, the EU has shown their cards and their possible outcomes. The UK haven’t even made sure basics are in place.

The UK are still not official stance on the border of Ireland, the Customs Union, the Trade Policies or any of the other issues. The Chequers was supposed to clear some of that, but there are still uncertainty if that will stick. The Tories should have figured that out early after the elections, especially since the Brexiteers and the ones fighting for leaving the Union had no program or plan for how it would be. Other than, sovereignty from the Union without knowing how that could be.

Your running a game blindly, the blind leading the blind and hoping your end up. Than your just lucky… You could fall out over cliff. The Tories should have done this from the get-go, but still they are fighting and bickering, instead of finding the way through the maze.

HM Government should be ashamed to be here after two years. The Brussels are controlling the aftermath of the referendum, but the UK are sailing without strong captain, it is unsteady and shaky. There is not easy to know how the ERG will react or the Remainers will go. It is to parties within the party and the PM has to walk on egg-shells. She doesn’t even have to struggle with the Labour before steering into trouble. The trouble is within.

The Tories doesn’t need Brexit, is breaking the party and the government, they are just destroying themselves and the world is watching. Tories are making themselves looking foolish. The infighting and the petty play of the public’s trust in the cabinet.

Theresa May is really messed up. She is shaking and her leadership isn’t looking controlled, but instead looking like shambles, like a train-wreck, it looks like it is sinking and too fast for her damage control.

The Tories have done all of this to themselves. Nobody needs to say, to others than to the British public. The UK are doing it to themselves. They don’t even need the pressure from Brussels. The Tories are leading them to buy ale in Bristol, but not serving them a justified Brexit.

Even if I don’t understand why UK are leaving the Union and becoming a Third State to the Union. They are losing privileges…. They not getting the benefits of the membership and will have to work within the bounds of being outside. The UK are doing it to themselves. The EU didn’t ask for this, Brussels effect is made because the UK asked for it.

The HM Government just have to manage with the consequences, they are an outsider who can negotiate, but they cannot win. The EU will show that, to show the value of the Union and not being in the Union.

This has been said for two years, but they have to learn the hard-way I guess. Peace.

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