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Brexit: It is imploding in front of our eyes!

Not that I had faith in the Tories anyways, since they have been bickering back and forth. There haven’t been any leadership or stability since the election, they have to beg Belfast for help from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). To even have a chance to still be in office. Therefore, the steady and stabile, has become unsteady and wiggling.

Now today, the head of the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) resigned, Mr. David Davis, who has never serious taken this. He has jumped around as if rabbit hoped that nothing hit the fan. It is not as if I liked the man, but certainly, if there ever was a lazy minister in charge, it was this man.

Seemingly, it was all talk and no play. Davis and Johnson never seemed ready for the task of leading the negotiations, neither anyone else from United Kingdom. That is why we are here two years after, still talking practical matters like Customs Union, borders with Ireland and trade in general with the EU after leaving the membership.

If they had been serious, as the European Union has shown, the character of the needs and wishes would have been carved in stone. So that EU and UK could be certain about where this goes. Not as if the deal was set in the sky, but the red-lines of EU are made within reason of the state being outside the EU and being a third party. Something, the UK never seems to understand or unwilling to understand.

That Prime Minister Theresa May have her work cut of out is clear. Boris Johnson and the other Brexiteers are in it to win it, no matter the cause. The ERG are clearly in it to make it more difficult, as well as the Remainers in the camp too. Nothing like a shadow boxing match until the finish line.

That the recent chequers dilemma is showing-up, is just another twist and turns, where the circling around basics never ends. The Brexit is already are farce without any consideration of the implications. The narratives can be spinning, but the groundwork was never there, if it was, the public is not aware. It is not like the Tories or the HM Government have been transparent.

It is like they want the public to walk in darkness and don’t know what hit them when the light is turned on. Certainly, that was a good look for Davis, but for the United Kingdom it was shambles. There are nothing in the woodworks that seems to enlighten public.

His resignation is just a sign of more trouble ahead, not security or knowingly where this goes. There are enough hurdles and passages, enough things to fix and negotiate over, where the Remainers and Brexiteers will fight over, without any of them thinking what the EU might will say. Because this is two parties trying to come to an agreement, on structure and how to leave. This is not just the Tories doing as they please; they have to deliver accordingly to protocol as well.

This will be bloody, this will not stop and that it still is at this stage after two years, says something about the lack of ethics and courage from the Tories. Peace.


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