The Point of No Return: Mutabazi says it’s a “Good Tax”!

“We have been complaining that we are loosing money. This decision by government is the right decision.” Godrfey Mutabazi, Chairman of Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC).

There are certain individuals, who begs no favours and don’t stop pursuing the roads of torn flesh. Certainly, these men are so well endowed and has fat pockets, that these measures doesn’t sting, but the lowest class, the unemployed and the gig-economy is not upholding the levels of taxation that is put on the public. Not that the Members of Parliament cares about the poor, unless they need donor aid or have a project to finance. Than, they are needed pawns, but right now they can eat the spoils of the poor and their willingness to communicate.

The modern communication are now attacked by these men, through the willingness of taxation. They are beating people for being online and using mobile money. They are really making sure they have to adjust and secure funds other way. The poorest will spend massive parts of salaries, if they are on social media or even if they using mobile money, not only the fees the Telecoms already take, but also the new transactions taxes, which, is taking in cash when sending, receiving and even putting in. The state is getting added funds on all steps of the way. It isn’t a one time only measure, no, they are getting tax for the trade of air-time and data-bundles, they are getting tax for going on social media and also on the transfer of cash.

How can this be good? Does the government and UCC want to disenfranchise even a bigger part of the community? Even in districts and Sub-Counties with no banks or close affiliates, where the relatives in Kampala can remit/transfer cash too, without paying for the nut, the bolt and the tool itself. That is what they will be doing now. If they are calling through WhatsApp and Viber, they will be taxed extra, not only for the airtime and data-bundle, but the direct usage. How is that any good?

Mutabazi is a ignorant rich hussy, who doesn’t understand the plight of the common man, the men and woman who are barely making ends meet. He want to insult to injury and make sure their money is less worth, as they are now taxed for transferring it and also for their communications itself. This is how to exclude people through monetary means. These things aren’t just used by the elites, these are things used by all and are common placed.

Maybe the state should tax rain-water, jerry-can water-rigging and create a clean-air act, so the people have to taxed extra for the air-filters in the luxurious homes of Bugolobi or Mbuya. As the wealth there can handle this mess, but the hawkers, the idly are the ones hit by this. They are shut out of the communication and are the ones who is left with less.

So, it is hard to say anything else. That the state really doesn’t give a crap about them. They are just sponging of them. The UCC is really demeaning the lowest classes, they are even planning to tax the VPN. There isn’t anything they are doing to silence people.

This is the point of no return. They have no scruples. They have no heart, only eating of the poor and at any cost. Using all excuses, while they are now stopped or even soon shielded from Social Media, through a payment-wall, the rich can do everything and be as ignorant of plight of men as ever before. Certainly, the UCC doesn’t give fig. that is proven now. Peace.

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