The Cameroonian Anglophone Crisis continues: Now with reported French Mercenaries!

The situation in the Anglophone region of the Republic Cameroon, the extend of violence and killings are persisting in the North-West and South-West Regions of the county. This has been happening without much or little care in the international press. Where the President has sent the army, steadily killed the English-speaking Cameroonians. Also, burned villages and stopped ordinary life. As the Governors orders stopped motorcycles and given the public curfews.

There is even worse news as the killings, the displaced people and refugees getting into Nigeria. That should worry everyone, but the Cameroonian government are continuing their hunt for the ones fighting for Ambazonia. They are now even hunted down with French Mercenaries, that is hired to kill the ones in the way of the francophone Cameroon. Clearly, this is not a sign of hope, but of killing opposition.

The vacation President is killing his own people, with support of United States Armory and with now French support as well. They are complicit in the killings of the English speaking who want their voices heard, as the leadership are detained in Nigeria.

There are even orders out on the heads of the people, who are secessionist in the North-East/Nord-Oust, these orders was on the ones known in Njambom (Belo). This list made by the government had names of 23 individuals, they wanted executed and gotten rid off. That has been leaked online, but who knows how many more of these the government has and kept confidential. Because with the burning of villages, the hiring of mercenaries and the use of military in the anglophone region. We know that there are more killings and more violence, than reported, because the state is trying to hid their misgivings.

We could wish all of this was mere hearsay and not real, but the pictures and small videos coming out of the regions, shows the aggression and death squads moving around. As the killed people laying on the ground, bloody and messy is eating the minds of the living. The signs of the oppression and devastation, lack of respect of life and even of dignity for all. These deaths are done to silence and subdue the secessionist, however, this is only showing how little the francophone people cares about their neighbors and brothers. They are letting them be slaughtered and forgotten, while they are following blindly the leadership under Biya.

How many have to die in these regions and how bloody does it have to become, before the international community or even the locals in Cameroon cares? This should get the blood boiling for all Cameroonians, as the government are easily killing of their own. Next time it could be them and their own. When the government have no trouble hiring in mercenaries to get rid of its own, they have no scruples to get rid of others too. This a bleak report, but a needed report. We are hitting July 2018 and the crisis is never-ending. The blood is on the hand of the vacation President and his cronies. They are all earning fortunes on the misery of the anglophone. They are all part of this killing and making a killing. This shouldn’t be needed to say, but is necessary as lives of the anglophone is on the line. No one should worry and see the army coming to burn their villages and killing the population. No one should need to flee, because the government is revenging the need for a local government who gives a damn. All of this shouldn’t be needed, but it is.

Because Biya doesn’t care, do you? Peace.

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